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Thread: Recommendations for anime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AboveUp View Post
    And yeah, originally there was a deal with Marvel for two Super Sentai shows. Spider-Man and Captain America. I think at some point during the producting of Captain America, Marvel wanted out or something like that. So everything they made and wrote for it later evolved into the show it ended up becoming. Captain America's basically the prototype for the Power Rangers, just like Spider-Man was for the genre.
    Wow. That just adds a whole new layer to this joke:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Hansen View Post
    Manic Monday next plz
    I wish it was Sunday.

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    I, for one, loved Evangelion's Fry me to the Moon.

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    It's not a cover, Sushi, they're using the actual track. They did the same with Yes - Roundabout for the first two parts of JoJo.

    Just finished watching this week's JoJo and Hunter x Hunter.

    So at this point I'm watching two shows where characters are posing and fighting with Stands.

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