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Thread: Where should I go in New England?

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    Where should I go in New England?

    So I am from Montreal and I think this year I'm going to go to New England for my vacation cos it's kinda close. What I want to know is if there are any intersting places in the area, especially nerdy places. As I've never been to Vermont or New H or wherever the fuck else is in that area, where is a cheap place to go with fun stuff to do?

    I'm not into typically touristy shit like seeing cracked bells or whatever, but I am into typically nerdy shit like giant arcades and bars that look like space stations. Where is good? Also, cheap places are awesome.

    Anyone from New England who can help a brother out?

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    Just go exploring. Driving around Vermont or Main is so fun. Get some of those tourist guide pamphlets that they sell everywhere up there and go to all the cave places and the trails. I can only remember two names; The Lost River and Polar Caves. Also, go to Boston and check out the museums and other touristy stuff. It's a fun city. If your going in the summer you should go to Cape Cod. That place is awesome. Buy some Cape Cod books that show all the cool places. There are some really great beaches there. If you go to the Cape, you have to see the sunset at First Encounter beach. Seriously. If you're there and you don't do it then you really missed out on something amazing. The bike trail there is fun too. It goes all the way to P-Town. You might want to go up to Provincetown (P-Town... just a warning, it's really gay.) and see a whale watch. Stay away from Connecticut cause there nothing to do there. Providence is cool but everywhere else in Rhode Island sucks.

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    Go to a SOX game if you can get a ticket, and the beaches are really great around here if you like that sort of stuff. Nothing too nerdy that i know of other than maybe Good Times in Somerville. and by all means stay the fuck away from Logan Airport

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    I recommend hiking, I use to live in Sherbrooke and would go there every summer to hike Mt. Washington, Mt. Lafayette and bunch of other

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    I grew up in New England and I always enjoyed going to Fanhiel (sp) Hall and Quincy Market in Boston. I also liked the beach area.

    Surprisingly, I have never been to Cape Cod. I don't know how I pulled that off.

    Get Dunkin Donuts, it's good for you (avoid the new crap like the pizza and stuff).

    Go to the Ben and Jerry's Factory in Middlebury VT and get some ice cream!

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