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Thread: Venting anger

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    I think it's bullshit that two of my younger classmates are trying to crowdfund going to a conference that's already difficult enough to get into. To me, it's the equivalent of buying PAX passes and trying to get people to pay for it. They're "reward" for getting money is that they will interview one conference attendee for every hundred dollars they raise.

    Also, one of the girls really rubs me the wrong way because she doesn't try to be social with anyone. I don't give a fuck if you're shy, but if I talk to you, I expect more than one word answers and an attempt to engage in dialog.


    Also, nothing newsworthy goes on at a conference. It's sole existence is there to sharpen your craft as a science writer and maybe network. I think that should be entirely your own investment. If you want to work extra hours, fine. But don't make it a charity case when virtually no one else will benefit from it.

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    My school issues have got me in a fucking spiraling fury. I'm now two weeks from being done with all of the credit-work for my master's degree, but due to the total negligence and ineptitude of my department, I have not been able to get the wheels turning on a bullshit 'expository essay' project that's required to be certified for graduation. I should have dropped out of this program after one fucking semester. The whole department is run like an academia pyramid-scheme and, as such, the masters' students are treated as nothing more than giant sacks of tuition money with limbs. If anyone here ever feels interested in getting a professional masters degree, do be careful not to sucker/pressure yourself into enrolling at a research university program that only caters to Ph.D students who've never worked a single day of their lives.

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    Caostotale, you're an engineering student, right? I remember that my friends in Biomedical Engineering Masters only got it as a way to segue into PhD programs or MD/PhD work later on. But they also did a ton of research and minimized the tuition bill. I do think that masters programs are generally shams. The only reason why I'm in one now is because of internship opportunities and contacts. I'm thankful for about half the stuff they taught me, while the other half has been mostly garbage.

    Also, I had a bit of a hissy fit yesterday with my program director over e-mail. He stuck words in my mouth that I never said and is coming off holier-than-thou. I drank to redirect my attention elsewhere, but long story short, he's not as supportive as he claims to be and now I can't take anything he says seriously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Changston View Post
    I do think that masters programs are generally shams.
    I would actually be a little less peeved if it actually was an actual sham. Sadly, like so many other things in our society, it's just the fallout that results from the zillion-odd accountability blind spots left in the wake of heedless profit incentives. Most of my fellow masters' students have pretty much come to agree that nobody's actively really trying to fuck us over and ignore our needs (or, to put it in a more modern and realistic way, to deny us the services we paid the school for) and that instead, the problems result from overarching problems such as over-enrollment. Even so, most of my fellow students are complete kittens about everything and don't have the balls or self-respect to admit that things like the feudalistic tenure system need to be seriously reevaluated if the school going to recklessly market itself as an institution that 'professionals' can use to enrich their functionality in the work world. Most of my professors have never done anything professional in their entire lives, or they failed at their first jobs out of school and ran back to academia with their tails between their legs. All of this would be fine if they were turning out exceptional work, mentoring students effectively, or interacting with people in the real world in a useful manner, but it's really just a complete and total dodge. A job that offers something unrealistic like tenure ought to be treated as something more than a normal job with an exceptionally high level of job security, but it's not.

    Also, no offense to scientists, but what passes as a 'smart' science student these days is a complete fucking joke. To answer your question, Changston, no, I am not an engineer (I am technically an environmental chemist, though I don't much feel like one anymore). However, unlike most of my colleagues (who in my department, all seem to be former biology majors these days), I have taken as many math classes as most engineers, as well as other rigorous courses like physical chemistry and calculus-based physics. Unfortunately for me, the current direction of my environmental science department has become obsessed with the shallowest forms of interdisciplinary study, to the point where we have courses in dubious 'fields' like geomicrobiology and seminars with names like 'a survey of the biochemical and statistical aspects of environmental geophysical modeling with emphasis on climate change.' None of these goofy cross-pollinated approaches would be bad, except the people involved often bring a de facto 'mile-wide-inch-deep' level of knowledge to the table. None of them can derive first principles or properly explain what it is they do, because they're too busy upending the signal-to-noise ratio by making things even more interdisciplinary and skating by on short-term plausible deniabilities. Combined with the facts that the teachers aren't actually teaching, but instead inflating their grades and juicing their non-English-speaking research assistants through all of the classes without teaching them how to write, the incursion of abject stupidity is becoming comical.

    Also, I had a bit of a hissy fit yesterday with my program director over e-mail. He stuck words in my mouth that I never said and is coming off holier-than-thou. I drank to redirect my attention elsewhere, but long story short, he's not as supportive as he claims to be and now I can't take anything he says seriously.
    As I'm not a Ph.D candidate, post-doc, or whatever, my department's members don't even bother getting back to me, unless they're being especially pompous and decide to send me what they think is helpful information about the job world they think they understand. One of them actually went as far as to suggest I try typing the word 'environmental' into the search engine on Yeah, thanks, genius....never would have figured that one out.

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    Got an email from Gamefly offering me 20% off on their "gear". I curiously opened it and semi-raged at the thought that there are people out there actually spending their money to market for a company. I love Gamefly but I would never buy their shirts or bags, that's shit they should give away for free as it's advertising for them. Anyone who buys this shit is beyond fucking retarded and yes I am judging you for your purchase.

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    Some of the rednecks and townies I know from the place I grew up are pretty good for something vulgar like that, but it's most likely not worth a more ethical person's time to set those idiots straight. The world's busy moving on with or without those assholes and they should feel damned fortunate that the more socially-liberal/financially-successful people in the country haven't yet thrown their hands up and decided to stop supporting their impoverished bullshitting. It's always very upsetting to see how lower-income people so easily embrace horrendous divide-and-conquer narratives like 'because black people', 'because Muslims', etc...

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    I don't know if my tenants are being conniving or dumb as shit, but they are on my last nerve. I told them that I would reimburse them after they paid the month's rent and they're interpreting that as "so we just owe you a check for this much, right?" And I said, "No. You owe me THIS much and I will reimburse you once I have the keys when you move out."

    I'm trying hard not to stereotype, but fucking nursing students. They. Are. The. Worst.

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    I swear to fucking God, the rich kids I went to school with make me want to sell white kids for their kidneys.


    Translated into non-rage speak, I defriended a woman I knew from back in the day for declawing her cats. Well, that among other things. She seems to have turned into one of those mindless housewives, you know the type. "Like a detuned radio" as Thom Yorke put it. Not even mad any more, just disappointed I guess.
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    Laptop CPU fan dying. Soon-to-be required almost-replacement (sucks a little more amperage than what's installed) starts at 30 bucks new. That's just the fan.

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    After being told that my sister is too busy going to a work lunch (not *actually* work related) to come to my daughters first birthday party, THEN being told by my parents that they have to go to an obscure friend's daughter's wedding that same day, I told my collective family to go fuck themselves. More articulately than that, but you get the picture.

    They had a years notice of her 1st birthday (duh) yet they still seem to have to make excuses not to come.

    THEN I'm told I'm in trouble for instigating a fight.

    Yeah, can't wait to move further away from them.

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    That sucks dude. Sorry for your family troubles. Kids need all the family they can get.

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    This is closer to long-term frustration than explosive anger and I'm going to be vague about the cause because the post is public, but man there's just no way to help, educate, or motivate someone who has a pathological need to fuck up. Anton LaVey had the right idea when he said "I only regret the times I was too nice." I'm not even sure if I'm pissed at this person, or pissed at myself for continuing to waste my time and energy on them. Oh wait. Come to think of it I'm pretty sure it's both.

    Fuck me I just cannot believe the silly shit that I have borne witness to today. At least I'm beginning to unwind, finally. It's actually somewhat amusing now that I've vented a bit through text.

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    Bought yet another new pair of headphones and not thrilled about them. Might need to just start duct taping my speakers to my head and give up.

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    What pair did you get? Also, only for gaming/at home or are you looking for something you can use on the go?

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    Some logitech things entirely for gaming/home use. Actually not as bad as I feared, but my last ones were behind the head and now I feel weird with them sitting on top of my head.

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    I'm just burning inside with rage lately. I'm becoming incredibly bitter inside and hateful almost. I resent my ex so much it's.... just fucking amazing. I've never despised someone so. Your children are crying for you and you ignore them constantly and flake to go party and get some dick. Oh god the rage. I swore to myself, I wouldnt become a product of the environment I was raised in and fuck up my kids, then she turns around and does it for me. Well ,at at least they don't get physically abused daily, like I did.

    OH GOD it feels good to pour that out. that shits eating away at me.

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    Hang in there bro. Your a single daddy raising two kids on your own. That shit is beyond respectable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by usedtabe View Post
    Hang in there bro. Your a single daddy raising two kids on your own. That shit is beyond respectable.
    Yeah, the weight comes and goes man. One day, I don't even know how I stand with everything on my shoulders, the next I'm the driven, happy fella I used to be (THATS ALMOST YOUR NAME!). It's just fucking hard. But what isn't? Not like I'll quit or do anything stupid. Those aren't options in my mind. Thanks brother.
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    Good to hear dude. You're kids will realize what all you've done for them and how hard it is/was when they get older. Much love and respect to ya.

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