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Thread: Bionic Commando: Remake Vs. New Version

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    Bionic Commando: Remake Vs. New Version

    IMO, i have to go with the remake. it just seems like the game were I'm just going to play for hours. the new game has too much of a Spiderman the game feel but with shooting.

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    I dont get a spiderman vibe at all. Apart from the swing mechanic, there isn't any resemblance, and even that is different. The new BC, IMO, looks great! The gunplay really needs some work from the new trailers, but that could just be that the dude playing really sucked at the game. The sets, the motion, the sound and those awesome bosses are really drawing me in.

    The remake is great on its own. The dude recreating this is an obvious BC fan, he has included so many small things that show he played the hell out of the original. For instance, climbing on top of the light posts and standing up will cause you to slide left or right, the exact mechanic used in the nes version. All of the levels are extremely detailed, yet match the exact designs of the original. Even the map screen has been kept the same.

    He is really trying to keep the franchise what it was while updating it to keep up with the design and graphics that we've come to expect and personally I think he is doing an incredible job.

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    The remake looks like the total hawtness.

    The totally new game looks okay. I haven't seen enough of it to pass judgment, but I doubt I'll enjoy it much.

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    It's too early to tell if the new game is going to be good or not, but it's pretty easy to tell that the remake is going to make me shiver in pleasure.

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    I agree with the popular opinion.

    New game looks meh.

    Remake looks like a pair of juicy tits after a hard day at work.

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