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Thread: How did you find Destructoid???

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    i just had a friend send me the link randomly, i bookmarked it and a week later bored i started reading it and realized that i fucking love the site

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    I found out about Destructoid on Attack of the Show's Blog Watch segment. I seen that a while ago, and just recently thought I would check it out.

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    Probably a Mcdonalds.
    Ron workman created me in a lab for comic relief and after my continuously failed attempts to procreate with Paris Hilton He left me here at D-toid were I poke my head up occasionally from time to time. You know like occasionally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thornnn
    Ron workman created me in a lab for comic relief and after my continuously failed attempts to procreate with Paris Hilton He left me here at Dtoid were I poke my head up occasionally from time to time. You know like occasionally.
    You also win by default in most contests using a combination of bizzare hair cultivation and various degrees of undress.

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    Totally fine with skeezers
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    My alphabet cereal spelled out
    I figured it was a sign from the heavens, turns out it was satan.

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    Through thelastboss. What the hell happened to that site anyway? It's been on hiatus for a decade(ish).

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    In the comments for a 1UP news item on Bomberman Live DLC someone mentioned Destructoid being where that Mr. Destructoid fella came from. I've been visiting the site pretty much daily ever since...

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    Buddy of mine kept sending me links to blogs on Dtoid and I started visiting regularly. He also introduced me to Zero Punctuation. He's a damn good friend (with good taste).


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    The hell, how did I end up in the forums?

    Also I think I first saw the place for the OG Wii contest, hence my forum registration. And probably checked the site sporadicly before moving over when of all things... Summa did. Because I used to read Joystiq. Hay, I didn't know any better, I was new to the internets gaming news blog whatever thing!

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    I used to be a serious hardcore gamer, and then my Xbox broke, I started college, and life became hectic, so I became an "intermediate." I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Nintendo, but after the gamecube, I had become disgruntled with their resistance to online gaming and lack of serious games. But, with the growing interest in the Wii, I had decided to explore the internets for some information. Of course, my usual destinations--IGN and gamespot, were lacking in the information I wanted...

    So, I randomly googled games and blogs.

    At first, I found kotaku, joystiq, and a website called thelastboss, but it wasn't before long until I found a link to Destructoid.

    Ever since, I have been checking Destructoid on a daily basis. Once you go robot, you never go back.

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    Thornn: I love you.

    I wish you were a non-white, non-American baby so that I could buy you and have you live with me.

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    I drank a while bottle of cherry sourz at athestiums and here i am....

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    Attack of the Show featured Nerdcore. So boobies are what brought me to Destructoid. Is there anything they can't do?

    Then, the lure of prizes are what got me to actually sign up.

    What could be better that boobies and prizes?


    Booby prizes...

    Someone get to work on that!

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    One night, I walked into a bar and sensed something OVER 9000 and saw Mr. Destructoid guzzling down some beers and I had to talk to him. We got to talking, but all he brought up was tits and some site called Destructoid. Later that evening, I checked it out and I've typed Destructoid in my url bar everday since then.

    That's all a lie of course (except for the last part). I don't remember how the fuck I ran into this site

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    I was watching Attack of the Show one day and they were doing the blogwatch segment they mentioned Dtoid and I decided check it out myself. And ever since then, Ive had it bookmarked and checked daily.

    Sigh.. I cant seem to stop coming to this website. Its like a moth to a flame, I keep coming back to it knowing one day its going to kill me. ops:

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    This thread is actually really cool to read, see the different experiences and avenues and such.

    I know how you all feel, and I want to say... I love you.

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    I heard the podcast talking about it, and I searched google for Destructoid, and I found this site!

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    I actually found destructoid when I was doing a report on how certain women like to single themselves out on being girl gamers and expect to be treated different or expect more respect from others because they are girls gamers in general, and as I googled my heart out on this subject, I came across this awesome article:

    It was done by Christina. I felt exacally what she was talking about and
    then and there, I knew I had to join this awesome community, and I
    never left.

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    A friend told me about it.

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    my friend from a different state dragged me onto her stickam chat so we could talk and actually see each other. i was wondering WHAT THE HELL do these stickam chat rooms look like? i browsed through the names and nothing interested me. then i saw YAY M&MS and thought it was quirky, so i entered, to find a bunch of fun-loving, welcoming, [*******][*******][*******][*******][*******][*******] gamers, i stayed.

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