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Thread: How did you find Destructoid???

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    onomelon's Avatar
    80 posts since Jan 2007
    I found it from a link on Joystiq for the video about the Jack Thompson/Bully trial that was recorded by Niero. I visted a few more times untill December of that year when I made DToid my favorite gaming blog. Two months later I discovered Podtoid and I've never went to another gaming blog, save for Gaygamer.net.

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    151 posts since Aug 2007

    I seen a link on gorillamask.net and clicked not knowing what the hell it was, low and behold.

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    84 posts since Sep 2007


    I know this is going to sound a little lame, but I found this site by googling "Mass Effect release date funny." Seriously, I just googled that and clicked the first link I saw. At first I was like "wow, this is a pretty funny site. Maybe I'll bookmark it."

    I remember not going back to this site until a few months later. I was bored one day and so decided to just start clicking on all my bookmarks. Then I remembered the Dtoid one. After clicking that bookmark, I read a bit of the front page entries on this site and became hooked. Now I click that bookmark everyday, about twice to three times a day, to go to this site.

    Seriously, this site is like crack.

    But in a good way...

    I think?


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    1,001 posts since Jan 2007
    Well I was looking for porn and this site came up, weird isn't it?

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    115 posts since Dec 2006
    well... I was watching AoTS and they did there weekly blog thingy on dtoid back in december of 06. So I checked it out. Turns out this place didn't suck so i registered. Then I took a break from the whole world in 07 just to come back in 08 back and ready to be a gamer again! heh. BRINGITON!!!

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    5,582 posts since Nov 2006

    Quote Originally Posted by Kryptinite
    Quote Originally Posted by RonWorkman
    Dtoid found me. Actually, its no joke. Around the first week of Dtoid's existence, I made a video emulating games from multiple consoles onto the 360. Niero emailed me, so I made a Dtoid video for him playing all kinds of shit on a 360. We got to be friends, and then around September of 06, right around the same time as Summa, I came on full time.
    That's awesome. Also I'm intrigued of how you emulate games onto your 360. Not enough to actually go look and try it but intrigued nonetheless.

    Was that the Pony mod video!?

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    8,177 posts since Mar 2007

    I have no idea, I don't even use the internet.

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    I picked up Atheistium from a street corner in downtown Soho back in November last year and after a long night of intense psychological trauma she gave me her business card.
    This soon led me to Destructoid, where I found I was not the only person to have been mentally disturbed by Lauren and now, thanks to the forums and C-Blogs, I am on the road to recovery.

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    I was bored one day (boredom fucking rules) and was watching some random gaming videos on Gametrailers. I ran across a video about games blogging. There were three dudes. Some balding guy with glasses, some hippie dude who looks a lot like my friend, and Ron Workmeng.

    The way Ron explained what sets Destructoid apart from the other sites intrigued me a bit. He said something close to, "We're like your drunk uncle that tells stories to you." Don't quote me even those are in quotation marks.

    The other dude was too uptight and the other guy was "meh." Ron on the other hand looked like someone I'd hang out with. With his boots 'n shit, you know? Or did he have boots? I think you did, Ron. You had some boot things on.

    So I visited both sites. Went to Joystiq and it looked boring. Kotaku? No, what the fuck is that? Kotaku. Kotaku. Gay.

    No offense to homosexuals. Just an expression. Sorry.

    So I hoped on Destructoid and read some articles. Fucking hilarious articles, mind you. I lurked for a while, and then went full fledge.


    Why does K-o-t-a-k-u get swapped out with "Brian Crecente's Hair Palace" when I previewed my post? I'm afraid.


    What the fuck!?

    Nigga looks like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite .

    No offense to Blacks. I'm using the word playfully and not seriously. SORRY LEMON!

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    I remember that video on gametrailers it was an episode of "The Bonus Round" and had Ron "drunk uncle who tells nasty jokes to kids" and that well dressed homeless looking guy from kotaku on it ...I mean k.o.t.a.k.u. speaking of which kotaku was an April fools joke (last year maybe?) where the home page of dtoid was swapped for an ad for kotaku if you google it it's like the 3rd link down....made me wet myself....good thing I just did my washing and had fresh clean boxers at hand when I first saw it

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    55 posts since Feb 2008
    A member of the QJ.net forums that goes by "Madsoul" had your banner in his sig. Still gets me lulz.

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    14 posts since Feb 2008
    God came to me in a dream, but he was different from usual. He never usually wears a robot helmet. He told me of a place I could find "Epic" and "Win" and maybe if I'm lucky, some game related news. I didn't know what he meant, but I soon saw the light.

    Seriously though, I don't remember, I've been reading a few blogs for a while. I rarely read the others now though.

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    Nik565's Avatar
    34 posts since Feb 2008
    A friend of mine told me to go here for a certain article(I forgot which) and now I'm hooked

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    I found it from your mom.

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    119 posts since Jan 2008
    My boyfriend showed me one of those "Retro Quizzes", a few game reviews from this site, and some blogs. After like, a year I decided to make my account here, browse the site by myself, and got addicted X3

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    14 posts since Jan 2008
    I was searching iTunes to find some good video game podcasts and found Retroforce GO! I listened to a couple of episodes and liked it, so I checked out the site. That was about six months ago and since I decided I liked the site enough to give the community a try.

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    I found out about Destructoid through Nick actually. He mentioned it to me through AIM and I was hooked.


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    king3vbo's Avatar
    944 posts since Feb 2007

    I found it the same way Charlie did, through a post on Kotaku that talked about this "new and insane blog"

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    970 posts since Feb 2007
    Kind of stupid actually: I was stumbling home late one night, and decided to cut through an alley instead of walking around the block. I heard a mechanical 'whirring' behind me, but when I turned to see what it was, all I saw were two glowing red orbs. Next thing I knew, I was on the ground, and all I remember after that was the rough, but somehow caring caress, of cold steel. I've never been the same after that.

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    I found Dtoid through a survival horror site. Chris's Survival Horror Quest. Pretty neat place. Needless to say, there was an article that he linked from here (might have been Silent Hill 5 related, or maybe AITD5)...read it here and then checked out some other articles and quickly became hooked.

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