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    I'm xomb13 (<--gamer tag) a 22 year old gamer from Northern Ireland currently working for a an engineering firm.

    I've been abit of a lurker for ages on this site like a year, maybe more just reading articles and comments and thought it was about time I'd get involved.

    Now the bullshits outta the way, I like me games, more specifically and currently COD4, Halo 3, GH3 and have abit of a soft spot for 'shitty' shooters such as Stranglehold and Earth Defence Force (<--if only co-op was online, i'd be the best budget game ever).

    I think Resident Evil 4 was the best game made, to me its perfect. Guitar Hero always gets a hit and Dino Crisis 2 was PS1 arcade dino perfection.

    Personally I was disappointed with Assassins Creed tho i'm late to the party for that one, Gears was good tho 'borrowed' from RE4 too much imo and Halo 3 solo campaign doesnt seem as compelling as it was in the previous to games; COD 4 or Bioshock was my games of 2007.

    I enjoy some XBLA games too, mostly shooters like E4, Contra tho i love Lumines all the same. I like my score boards.

    I also love puzzle games on the handhelds such as PPL and Contra 4 is my current portable delight, so hard. I love it.

    Ok, so that was longer than expected but now I've just shot my first post wad all over the meet and greet forum.... hope to see some of you on Live or opinions on games, gaming and games culture in general.


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    Welcome. You have done well not sucking so far, so keep it up.

    Also, cocks.

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    Good job! Not failing brings happy smiles from all, especially me, another Northern Irish guy, for not letting the side down.


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    Earth Defense Force is a fuckin' brilliant game for co-op, the first time i played it on Inferno mode was hilarious!

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    Welcome to the 40k club dude! I do believe that is what they call pwnage

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    Nice intro, welcome.

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    Welcome to the forums.
    Hurry up and get an avatar!

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    sorted, i thought the blog profile was like a dual profile thing and set up both, fail. Its sorted now kno


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    Yeah the robot needs to get on that....would make things a lot simpler for us newbs. Also walcome

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