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  • Sno Caps

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  • Sour Patch Kids

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  • Junior Mints

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Thread: Best Movie Theater Candy

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    Best Movie Theater Candy

    What's better than sitting down and watching a movie in a theater with a tub o corn and a liter of cola. Besides your heart continuing to function, candy! Movie theater kind too.

    M&M's, Junior Mints, Reces' Pieces, Gummy Bears/worms, Sour Patch Kids, Sno Caps, and the list goes on...

    What is your favorite?

    (forgot to hit "add option" to make "other..." a choice, so consider Reces Pieces the OTHER choice.)

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    Sour Patch Kids, nuff said


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    It's Junior Mints, because Junior Mints + popcorn = surprisingly delicious combination.

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    I've always been very partial to Sour Patch Kids. Although occasionally you'll get a batch that isn't sour at all or a box that contains candy so sour it'll make your tongue hurt for an hour afterward.

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    This poll fails 'cause Swedish Berries are not listed.

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    Sour Patch Kids ftw. Seriously.

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    The ads say "chocalaty, peanut buttery smoth"? They need to hire some new ad people, I think.

    EDIT: Time warp. See post below mine.

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    You people are demented. Reeses are the greatest. The chocalaty, peanut buttery smoth melt in your mouth will make you want to have more.

    At least thats what the ads say.

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    I put Gummi Bears cause I love those damn things, but I would say Starburst is my favorite.

    Fruit candy ftw!

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    I'm just glad to see Raisinettes aren't listed on here. gross old lady candy.

    I'd say Mamba... but I never know until I'm at the convenience store across the street.

    My wife says you could get a pickle at the theater in her home town. If i find a place that does that, it'll become my new favorite.

    Edit: no, it wasn't a porno theater.

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    Sour Patch Kids or Peanut M&Ms. It depends on my mood.

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