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Thread: A Game For The Whole Family...or Not?

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    A Game For The Whole Family...or Not?

    Ok, I came across this game today at a local store.

    It is called Bible Black for the PC.
    Here is a link for it...
    and a video...

    Ok I can buy the game for a few bucks but I really don't want to but then again It looks really freaking strange and different that I might want to buy it just to get a laugh or two out of it.

    Also does anyone know if it's a collectible? I can't seem to find out anything about the game other then its about the devil and banging lesbian chicks?

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    Congratulations. You found a hentai game.

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    Yes, it's a hentai game. There's thousands of them. I thought you were going to reference Conker's Bad Fur Day!

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    Good job.

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    I almost thought your thread title was sincere. almost. The last line about banging lesbians gave it away that you were in fact being sarcastic.

    Yes, welcome to the world of hentai. Prepare to lose yet another piece of your soul. And make sure you don't make the same mistake this guy did:


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    They made a Bible Black GAME?!


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    Quote Originally Posted by interbutts
    They made a Bible Black GAME?!

    Your Comment and your Icon go together perfectly

    Also, Dickgirls

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    Fun for the whole family.

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    Yeah I was being sarcastic...the thing is I knew about hentai porn...but not about hentai porn video games that sell at regular video game stores.

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