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Thread: Obligitory "What are you listening to now?" thread

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    Jason Christensen the load time on this page is huge, haha.

    Listening to these guys a lot more lately, I REALLY recommend them to.. ..Well, pretty much anyone who's not afraid of listening to something different. All their songs differ a ton, so if you're not into one of their songs it doesn't necessarily mean you'll hate them in general.

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    I've been getting weird lately with music. Not that I haven't always been all over, but my playlist just doesnt jive lately. Anyways:

    This makes me think of my ex:

    This is a horrible video, but I love the song and it really fits my mood:

    I've also been jamming to Black Stone Cherry and Volbeat with a side of Wu-Tang.

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    Meanwhile, in Norway...

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    Nice ^

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    Surfer-prog rock combined with Tom Waits, Mike Patton and The Nightmare Before Christmas?

    Look no futher than Major Parkinson. So good live as well!

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    I don't care, I still love this video.

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    Love this video. When they hit Memory Lanes I lost it. /Minnesota nonsense

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    I've been listening to a lot of psychedelic music lately... modern and older stuff both. I came across this band recently. Japanese psychedelic music from the 70's. This is them back in the day:

    This is from a reunion show in '08:

    Hideki made a sitar into a guitar. Your argument is invalid.

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    This is currently the song blasting through my headphones at the moment, which isn't that much of a shocker considering this is literally my favorite band, period.

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