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Thread: Any of the Destructoid crew into electronic muisic?

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    pt 2

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    ^production is on point w/ that track. dont usually like DnB.

    daft punk remix album of RAM by nicolas jaar and some other producer. some really interesting sounds, a bit more out there.

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    This track caught me off guard with how good it is

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    >missing out on the disclosure show that was right next to me.
    feel with me nerds

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    awesome track. takes a bit too take off.

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    Well, I've been going to trance clubs and raves since the early '90s so I don't even know where to start with what I listen to, it's all been sooo long and I'm oh so very tired amd old!! But favourite "trance" producer is Simon Posford (Hallucinogen, Shpongle, Younger Brother), followed by Eat Static, Cosmosis, Sasha and Infected Mushroom (though some of their stuff is pretty dreadful!! Not much, but some!). Not a fan of the 2000s style of trance, was a bit too cheesy/poppy for my liking, but everyone has their own ears (I hope!) so different strokes and all that!

    I see Shpongle and InfMush have already had a couple of mentions too Infected Mushroom live was SOOO intense, this would be maybe 2003 or 2004 that i saw them... at one point they shut off the lights and started playing a warning siren noise and explosions sounds etc, not afraid to say I was scared half to death! I missed Shpongle playing in London a couple of weeks back because I was playing at a gig myself, but saw them in 2008 and can always watch that show again on youtube and pretend

    Though the parties I went to were mostly trance oriented, I listen to electronic music of lots of different kinds and go to a lot of live shows... mostly stuff with a "psychedelic" edge, of sorts, I guess. Ambient, DnB, glitch, chiptune, dubstep, jazzy house, FM Funk, all that shizz makes my earholes happy!

    Love Boards of Canada, Music Has The Right To Children has been permanently on whatever listening device I've owned since 1999

    Anybody heard the album Preschtale Variations on Ubiktune Records?! It's Pay What You Want (ie free if you like) on bandcamp and is easily my favourite album this year... It came out on the 1st of January and is yet to be beaten imho!

    I've also got some REALLY obscure '80s electronica, including some very early precursors to what we'd now call trance or psybient if anybody ever wants some weird interesting historic stuff sending their way! These artists only released stuff on home-made cassettes and sold them at shows etc, so not the kind of thing you'll bump into in record shops!

    Nice thread btw, gonna read through the whole thing later!

    If anyone's interested, here's a psy-breaks track I made about ten years ago... I totally invented wubwubs http://soundcloud.com/clarkanoid/ism-coming-up-next

    edited to add one of my favourite '90s trance albums:

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    listened to the track you made. pretty solid production. been looking into starting to produce tracks and DJ'ing in the near future.

    was trying to remember why i posted that nappa pictur but then I remembered thatthe disclosure latch remix sounds like its saying nappa over and over.

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    I've been listening to this album a lot lately.

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    Skrillex And Boys Noize 'Collide' As Dog Blood


    Quote Originally Posted by MTV
    According to Boys Noize, it was the city of Berlin that brought him and Skrillex together this past summer. Just hanging out and listening to music in a recording studio evolved into a creative collaboration.

    Despite both DJ/producers having great success and popularity in the EDM world, the two have fundamental differences in their artistic process and method when creating music.

    "It's crazy, he does everything on his laptop," the analog-friendly Alex Ridha (a.k.a. Boys Noize) explained to MTV News of Skrillex's technique."For me personally, I like the gear because I can always treat things.

    "For me that was the fun part," Ridha continued. "Where I was recording on my gear, he was typing in files. He was doing that and screwing it up in his thing. It was really two worlds colliding. It was important for us to make something different than what he would do, or something that I would do — and meet in the middle."

    Fans can expect even more music from Dog Blood as the year goes on, as Ridha confessed to three or four tracks having already been recorded. Now, it's a question of how and when.

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    This song blew my mind. It's such a genius pairing, Skrillex and Boys Noize. There are a few Skrillex tracks that I like, but he tends to be formulaic and relies too much on bass to carry a song when bass should be a means, not an end; Boys Noize, on the other hand, is probably the quintessential electronic producer of this era who is on the bleeding edge of creating and experimenting with new sounds, but sometimes that dude needs somebody to pull him aside and tell him that acid lines don't mix well with French house. Boys Noize can shake Skrillex out of being so formulaic and generic, and Skrillex can tell Boys Noize when he's gone off the deep end. I'm really excited to see what else these two put out together.

  16. 11-14-2013, 12:55 PM

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    Bare Noize =/= Boys Noize. I have heard this track tho. It's okay. Definitely no Boys Noize tho, that's for sure.

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    Yeah, I realized that right after hence the deletion.

    edit: Also, I see what you mean about Boy Noize going overboard with a weird sound in that track. It's definitely a cool noise, and almost sounds Daft Punk-ish, but after two minutes it's just kinda repetitive. Those Dog Blood tracks have been stuck in my head all day.
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    I'm really into this kind of music, but I love pretty much everything else in the electronic genres.

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    some real chill sp 404 beats and loops



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