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Thread: Tekken 7 announced (13.07.2014)

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    Tekken 7 announced (13.07.2014)

    Katsuhiro Harada:
    “With Unreal Engine 4, we can rapidly achieve the visual quality expected on next-gen platforms and go beyond it. Not only is Unreal Engine 4 powerful and easy to use, but it allows us to easily bring Tekken 7 to any platform we desire.”

    Uses Unreal engine 4, more details later.

    Going to update the first post when news arrive

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    It's gonna have a lot of horrible looking bloom then.

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    Probably could have just called this thread "Tekken 7" imo

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    Call me when they announce Soul Calibur VI.

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    Call me when Project Soul finally makes a proper follow-up to SC II.

    That will be never.

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    Soul Calibur II-2

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    Nothing gets my hyped for a fighting game than people sitting in the dark and whispering.

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    Must say I am not hyped for this one. Seems it will be just another Tekken without any big innovations. After 20 years I am bored of the same stuff again and again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixielated View Post
    Call me when Project Soul finally makes a proper follow-up to SC II.

    That will be never.

    This man speaks truth.

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    Well, new character announced by Harada. It seems is a woman from Central/South America by the name of Catalina. She uses SAVATE!!


    During a special presentation at Mad Catz’ booth, Bandai Namco’s Katsuhiro Harada had some choice Tekken 7 information to share with the crowd in attendance at Tokyo Game Show 2014 and watching from home.

    Many of these details had to do with a new playable character, pictured below. Harada mentioned that she will be a very outspoken, sassy character that’s suited best for beginners. The developers plan to have her ready for the location tests next month.

    According to Avoiding the Puddle, this fighter is named Catalina and hails from somewhere in Central or South America. She utilizes the savate fighting style, a French martial art.

    Unfortunately, no gameplay footage was shown off, but Harada did mention that they are working on two new features that we should see a bit of at the upcoming location tests.

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    Whelp better get in the Tekken mood and play tag tournament 2 and brush up on my skills again...

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    New char revealed, Lucky Chloe:

    Seems to be a joke char that is a parody of pandering/moe type chars in fighters. Seems to directly take a jab at DOA's Marie Rose if you ask me.

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    I love Tekken but this news does nothing for me.

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    GAF + anime.

    Too lazy to read. Did someone cry "sexism" or "pedophilia"?

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    It's just a few tweets, people from neogaf bitched at the creator or director or whatever because they didn't like the character so he said she'll stay japan exclusive and we'll get a muscle bound skinhead instead. And that he wasn't joking.

    Granted he might be joking anyway but I'm surprised, I didn't think I could hate neogaf more than I already did.

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    He better still have the same costume, animations and overall gimmick.

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    Just throw some cat ears on Lili and it's the same thing. Done.

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    Check it out, new character!

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