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Thread: why hello there

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    why hello there

    Heya. Im Johnnyd2. i have traveled the internet far and wide, and this humble abode seems like a find place for a fellow such as I.
    I was directed to this place by a RL friend, and he said i would like this place a lot.
    and yes
    This forum does appears to be quite the haven for people like me ^_^.
    So yeah.
    im looking forward to contributing, talk, rant, ramble, and all that sorta good stuff here.
    Thank you for reading

    PS: I like pokemon, Yugioh, and world of warcraft a lot

    And with that im off

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    ...That GIF is hilarious.

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    It's nice when the sociopaths identify and label themselves as such. That way we don't have to put stars on their chets or some shit to differentiate them from the ‹bermenschen.


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    That gif is decent. Go throw some more in the GIFs thread and we won't bully you into submission.


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    Casta Fierce
    Hi Johnnyd2, welcome to Destructoid and funny GIF.

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