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Thread: ello guvna..

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    ello guvna..

    Hello. I like video games. I like them a lot.

    I play them with my son.
    I play them til they're done.
    I play them on PC.
    I pay to win or I play for free.
    I play Black Gold and the Swordsman MMORPG.
    I play hack n slash like Torchlight 2 and Diablo 3.
    I write Steam reviews and YouTube'em as well.
    Nosgoth, Hawken, Trove and Smite are all so swell.
    Cube World is great cuz it's a world that's a cube.
    So log in and teabag me because I'm a professional Noob.

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    What the fuck is going on the meet and greet section lately...

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    Wonderful, miraculous things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Good Guy Steve View Post
    Regular Show. Nice.

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