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Thread: How is PSN VS XBOX Live/PS4 vs XBOX ONE?

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    How is PSN VS XBOX Live/PS4 vs XBOX ONE?

    Hello guys i want know if PSN is better or XBL,in terms of online multiplayer up time down time
    Party chat audio quality and do people even talk on PSN how is the game line up and support hardware please reply thanks opinions very much appreciated please give an unbiased opinions

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    Considering most do not invest in both systems with paid online plan, i think you'll find it hard to get any real objective comparison.
    Having said this, here is a list of crucial differences:

    • PSN generally has richer free/discounted game offers to paying members
    • Xbox has Skype, Hulu and Netflix integration while also giving EPG alerts
    • The Xbox's kinect interface is still flawed, don't consider it a selling point.
    • Both services still suffer from a high level of Troll saturation; Pretty much every Xboxer has screwed your mother, PS4 players too, but they state such facts in a deeper voice.

    The Xbox has an advantage as media center, the PS4 as pure gaming platform.

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