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    Ask a simple This-or-That question. The next person answers it with little to no detail. They then ask their own quick hit question for the next person to answer.

    Quote Originally Posted by example
    Monroe or Hepburn?

    Monroe. Blondes have more fun.

    Inny or Outty?


    Converse or Adidas?

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    Converse...if comic book themed.

    Soft or rough towels?

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    10,958 posts since Dec 2009

    Beatles or Stones?

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    King Süshi's Avatar
    4,808 posts since Jul 2009

    Stones. Better variety, imo.

    Ryu or Ken?

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    Ryu, Americans have no place in martial arts.

    Burn to death in 20 years or freeze to death in 10?

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    Kir's Avatar
    3,011 posts since Sep 2013

    Burn in 20, lesser of two evils.

    Boats or planes ?

    Sent from my C6903

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    Planes. No explanation necessary.

    Wine or beer?

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    Orlion's Avatar
    4,808 posts since May 2014

    Beer for shandies.

    Cloak or Dagger?

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    Cloak, because it's more multi purpose.

    Apples or oranges?

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    King Süshi's Avatar
    4,808 posts since Jul 2009

    Oranges, provided I have a knife.

    Alien or Aliens?

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    bbrigg's Avatar
    8,950 posts since Jul 2007

    Aliens, because it's the best

    raped by a gorilla or blow your best friend?

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    10,958 posts since Dec 2009
    Blow best friend, 'cause best friend is female. Loopholes get.

    Knights or Samurai?

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    Orlion's Avatar
    4,808 posts since May 2014

    Knights, because samurai are overrated. Katanas?

    Slay a giant flying monster or an enormous sea serpent?

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    10,958 posts since Dec 2009
    Kill all the sea serpents.

    Pegging or docking?

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    Orlion's Avatar
    4,808 posts since May 2014

    Docking, because I can show up and immediately leave after saying "Oops! No foreskin!"

    Spiderman's powers or a Venom symbiote?

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    King Süshi's Avatar
    4,808 posts since Jul 2009

    Symbiote. Because I'm super edgy like that.

    Trial by fire or trial by combat?

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    9,720 posts since May 2013
    Trial by combat - because killing makes you a grown up.

    McDonald's or Burger King?

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    Psyforce's Avatar
    151 posts since Jan 2014
    McDonald's. They have decent breakfast food, unlike Burger King who can't even get that right.

    Super Speed or Super Strength?

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    Speed. Because I can outrun anyone stronger.

    Fuck a fresh corpse or fuck a diseased dog?

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    9,720 posts since May 2013
    A dog. At least that one is warm.

    Starcraft or Warcraft?

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