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Thread: MAGStock 2014: June 27th-29th

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    MAGStock 2014: June 27th-29th

    MAGStock is happening! Want the fun and drinking of MAGFest, but with more camping? Check out the site at for details!

    It's being held at:
    4400 BYRD MILL RD.
    LOUISA, VA 23093

    Tickets are $40 pre-purchase or $50 at the door + $20 if you want a t-shirt.

    This is my first time attending. The peeps I room with at MAGFest convinced me that it was pretty awesome and if I wanted to be awesome I should go. And I totally want to be awesome. Basically the idea is getting a chance to hang out and party with other MAGFest attendees without worrying about panels and game demos and vomit in the Gaylord elevators and all that stuff. Get a chance to chill and make new friends. There will be bands, and there's a trampoline, a lake, and other stuff. Also pretty much everyone will be bringing their portables, there will be access to wifi, and there's sure to be some hardcore nuts who will bring tvs/consoles.

    You'll need to bring camping stuff, so if you don't already have tents/tarps/sleeping bags hopefully you know someone who does. There's stores and restaurants in the area if you're not down for cooking over a fire.

    Facebook: (
    MAGStock's Veteran's Guide to MAGStock: (

    Anyone else planning on going? If a few other Dtoiders show up I'll probably record a Radio D remote.

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    djnealb's Avatar
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    I wish I could go to this, but it's during a time of the year that I just can't get off from work.

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    Scield's Avatar
    2,152 posts since Apr 2011

    That actually sounds pretty fun. I wont be able to plan it out in time for this year. Maybe next year.

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    I hate camping, but I fully endorse people going to MAGstock mostly as a follow up that people go to MAGfest too

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    Nanashi's Avatar
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    Two things, I'll have to check out MAGFest first, but this sounds pretty cool. I wonder if we'll see a ripple effect and other events pick up on such a thing.

    Secondly. This is probably a shot in the dark, but if there's like a merch ... guy or any way to buy MAGFest/Stock merch at 'Stock could someone look into patches? I'm good for reimbursement. Curious to see what this brings back, had to try and ask.

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    I'll keep an eye out. They mentioned being out of the hoodies on facebook, so maybe they'll have some MAGFest merch there?

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    Nanashi's Avatar
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    a man and his vest can dream. Thanks!

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    Heading out in a few hours! Will post pics later assuming I can get decent internet out there.

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    Nanashi's Avatar
    5,732 posts since Feb 2014

    Looking forward to them updates. Have fun!

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    No patches nanashi, just t-shirts and hoodies. Sorry! Going to pick up a hoodie tomorrow though.

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    Nanashi's Avatar
    5,732 posts since Feb 2014

    lol alright thanks for checking Aaron.

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    Guys I drank a lot of rum today. I feel extra piratey.

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