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Thread: Twitchtoid: The Community Streaming Thread for Kappa

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    I wanna play more Ys Origins. And maybe start Outlast: Whistleblower if I have time.

    Come join the wreckage.

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    I'm in a really good mood right now, and I'd like to play some Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

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    Done studyin' for today. Haven't taken a nap. Need something to keep me occupied so I don't nap all day and I can fix mah sleep schedule. We streaman more Shadow Hearts: Covenant/Wings of Vi.

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    Gonna stream some more Wings of Vi/Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Maybe I'll start Crash Bandicoot too. Who knows. What I do know is that with finals week being next week, this'll be the last time I can stream 'til next Friday. So let's make it a good stream.

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    Late night streams are the best streams. No idea what I'm going to play (not for lack of things to choose from, but because there are so many things to choose from!), but we'll figure that bit out soon enough.

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    I think tonight I'm in the mood for some Ground Zeroes, Alice: Madness Returns, and LEGO The Hobbit. No Wings of Vi tonight because we played the everloving shit out of that last night.

    Come join in the (lack) of fun!

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