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Thread: Post a picture of your pet :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panzadolphin56 View Post
    I'm going to borrow her Panza

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    Heres my Kitty Cat. Her name is Kupo and she looks mad haha. She has tail envy

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    Was at my folks' place Saturday night watching hockey. The girl dog hopped up on the couch next to me and flipped a pillow, shoving her way under like she loves to do, then turtled up under there for a nap:

    The boy dog fell asleep right in front of my feet on the floor:

    He's about thirteen or fourteen years old (an adopted pound hound so we have no way of knowing for sure), and has gone almost entirely deaf over the last couple months. He's been getting old.

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    One of our cats hops up next to me on the couch occasionally, she's not as cute as your dog however:



    Her name's Mouse and she likes to press her face into couches.

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    Here's mine: Three puppies, 3 months old. They're all mutts... half Pembroke Welsh Corgi, quarter Black Lab and quarter Aussie Cattle Dog (though the Mom looks like she has mostly Lab blood).

    Bootsy. She's like that all the time now. I expect her right ear will pop up soon too... or else she's going to look pretty odd. She was the runt of the litter so she's going to probably get no larger than a small Corgi. She's very much a lap dog. I don't usually put any of the dogs on my bed but she's worked out how to crawl up onto it and I usually wake up with her snoozing right next to me.

    Brick. Named partly for the Borderlands character, partly because the first time I put him on my bed he did a running leap off of it and landed face first... and partly because, well, he's not very bright. He'll likely grow to be a furrier-than-normal full-sized Lab.

    And this is Maceo. She looks very much like a Lab from a distance but you can tell she's starting to get some brown growing in on her face from the Corgi side. Not sure how big she's going to get. Probably in-between Bootsy and Brick.

    I also still have the half-Lab/half Aussie Cattle Dog mom, Nibbles, but she is camera shy.

    *edited for fucked up links*
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    ^Your links got all fucked up.

    Here's my cat and her brother catching up.

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    Heres my buddy Cakers!

    He is a pretty derpy cat but he always comes to sleep with me

    He also likes drinking from the bath... I dont even know.

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    Herbal Essences is a good brand of hair product.

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    Indeed it does keep my locks nice and soft

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    Out for a stroll

    On those extra cold days...

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    Here's my baby Bearded Dragon. He's a bit bigger now.

    I'll post some pictures of my spiders when I take some.

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    Photogenic fluff-buggers

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    So cute, great light, what are you a professional photographer?

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    Hah far from it. The kitties just know how to work the environment.

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    Cos it's been a while since I've had 'pets' imma roll with this.


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    Das cuet but whats up with the buzz lightyear toy in the background.

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    That's where he stands....

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    Post. More. Kitty.

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