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Thread: Post a picture of your pet :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panzadolphin56 View Post
    Was that recently?

    He's a lovely dog btw.
    Old age took him about a month and a half ago. He was 14 I want to say. He was a rescue and they guessed he was about 2 when we got him and this was the 12th year we had him.

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    Here's my cat Toby. She's 5 years old. Her mother was some sort of Savannah mix. Father unknown

    As a kitten:

    click for more pics

    All grown up:

    click for more pics
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    Pretty lady ^_^

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    Our new dog, Penny. She's a whippet. Getting her in January

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    I shall get pics of our fish as soon as they stay still for long enough. Soon we'll be having bearded dragons too.

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    Looking forward to seeing the bearded dragons! We've got 5 leopard geckos. I'll post some of them later when the lights are on in their terrariums

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    D'AWWWW, that is adorable.

    Your cat's adorable too UC!

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    Cheers guys!

    Only one of the leopard geckos were in the mood for a photoshoot tonight. Gex (yes, as in Enter The Gecko on PSX/N64)

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    Nice gecko, got a pose out of him too.

    That game was awesome too. Ding dooong

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    This cat was a tiny wee kitten who appeared randomly in the field behind our house. We would leave food out for it and it would take it eventually, but for weeks it would not let a human come near it. Over time it eventually would at least not run away from you if you got close, then got closer and close. It would let you pet it and come beside you as you put food out.

    It eventually came in to the house but only for short bursts and was still very cautious. Month and a bit later the cat basically comes in and out of the house as it pleases, likes to sit on a chair near the fire (and give us looks if we sit on it) and can be lifted, petted and alike. It's looking a lot healthier than it use to as well, but my folks feed it like it was their other child

    I think it and grumpy cat could get along

    This is the father of her kittens, who sadly vanished and are probably dead


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    Such a cutie ^^^^

    New terrarium complete. Got 4 terrariums in our livingroom now...

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    Here's my cat Biscuit


    And here's Biscuit hanging its head in shame, for some reason:


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    Biscuic is super cute! So much da'w factor in both those pics ^_^

    We picked up our puppy today. She was a bit shaky in the car, but as soon as we got indoors she settled down and fell to sleep

    just after having a nibble at my ear

    In ma' bed, dreamin' ma' dreams...

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    That is the cutest puppy I have ever seen!

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    That puppy is ultra cute, I miss having a dog.

    So much better than cats, you can walk a dog around the neighbourhood without looking like a weirdo.

  17. 01-18-2013, 03:24 PM

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    Me n' the ladies, Abby (top) and Maggie.

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    Thank you for the kind words. I act like an idiot whenever I'm around puppies. I'm like a hysterical woman with an option to grow a beard.

    Quote Originally Posted by Muckfoot View Post
    That puppy is ultra cute, I miss having a dog.

    So much better than cats, you can walk a dog around the neighbourhood without looking like a weirdo.
    Haha, indeed. I do miss my cat though. My girl is very allergic, to the point where her face starts swelling up. It sucks for me, because I do actually like cats more than dogs. But my parents take care of my cat now, and they only live 15 minutes away, so I can't really complain either. And our new dog is a whippet, which has more of a cat like personality than most other breeds (in general)

    Also, Mr. Angel is an awesome name for a bad kitty. A friend of mine had a cat called Kittyman, still the coolest name for a cat I've heard.

  20. 01-18-2013, 05:40 PM

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    This is my dog Loki. She's a beautiful full-bred Pitbull with a heart of gold and a tail that wags a mile a minute. She also enjoys video games.

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