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Thread: Menage a Toid and Euro Cast

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    Menage a Toid and Euro Cast

    Ok I put some effort into the concept of Menage a Toid (working title) and have been coming up with a few ideas in my spare time as well.

    Also I'd like to propose we maybe do a European podcast. Yeah yeah we had Britoid, wonderful, is that Europe? No. I think it'd be cool especially as most Dtoid related podcasts feature American voices (nothing wrong with that!) but it'd be nice to have some spicy variety thrown in, plus would work well with time zones.

    Who is in and actually wants to attempt to make either one or both of these work? Starting from preferably this week or next.


    Episode 1
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    I wouldn't mind being a guest or something, but not a regular host. I'm still playing around with that Radio show based idea of mine and that, together with other stuff. occupies my mind enough.

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    I'm in for trying something new.

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    That's what I want to hear, if I can get some people that can commit. I'll post some ideas and a deadline to make this more real, more intimate.

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    That's cool, I'm free any evening and have to work a Saturday every eight weeks so I can commit easily enough. I do bugger all else other than play a ton of games.

    2014, a time for change and doing new things.

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    I'd be down for it. How many Eurofriends do we have on the Forums?

    It'd be cool if this got some front page recognition and replaced Britoid. Are there any European writers?

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    It'll prob be weekend recordings, well if I'm featuring in the episode. For either/both I will send some messages to see if we can get this featured on FP as well. I think they will need to see the proof of the pudding as it were first, so we'd need to ensure a really great pilot for both.

    It would be good to have some mod support as well. I know that people keep saying you can contact Niero and guys on Twitter but I have in past and got no response. I didn't even get responses from them when I worked for the indie PR company and we were requesting reviews and sending out codes to pretty good games featured on Steam. Seems that we'd need Sir Dixon ect to help us with the promotion side, so yeah support from community, for the community would be appreciated and to be honest, why not?

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    Who wants the Triceratops? I'm totally the T-rex you guys, so nobody try to call that one.

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    Gotta be pink for me.

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    Mkay so while hopefully other people will want to participate in either, in some capacity, maybe we should ponder on -

    1) Alternative title options

    2) If next Sunday 30th works for people with regards to EuroCast?

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    Sunday 30th will be good for me.

    Slightly alarmed it's near the end of March already mind.

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    I know...I'm the same ;(

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    I'm in. Fuck your Nationalism. I'm bringing my own.

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    You gotta play by our rules gurl. It might get...slippery.

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    I did not agree to any UN proposals.

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    I'd be glad to join in when invited.

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    I would like to participate at some point, not as a regular though, because life is cray.

    I like the name.

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    I think we're going to need more power rangers, honestly.

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