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Thread: Phoenix Comicon '14

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    Phoenix Comicon '14


    June 5-8. Phoenix Convention Center.

    Anyone else planning on going? I'm definitely showing up because Brian Posehn will be there as a guest and as a stand-up. I'm also going to hover hand the shit out of Eliza Dushku. I'm thinking about spending most of my time in the board gaming room running Eldritch Horror and a couple other games but I'm down to hang or get a bite to eat if anyone else is going.

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    Hey, I'm usually the one to do the Phoenix Comicon post that nobody responds to! Hooray for teamwork.

    I'll be there. I try to get people to come here from out of town every year, but nobody ever does.

    Considering it's in June this year, it will be even worse as far as the heat. I don't expect anybody will want to vacation here then. Still, the offer is open, and if I know you reasonably well enough, there are rooms open in my house, so you don't have to worry about a hotel.

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    Yeah, and with a SWNARP this summer, there's probably even less reason for people to make two trips. Still, it's worth it to ask.

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    definitely planning on going, planning on actually enjoying the full thing instead of rushing in between work shifts.

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    I'll be there on Saturday and Sunday. The first Eldritch Horror expansion comes out the week of the PHXCC, so I will definitely be running that in the board game room a couple times.

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    You'll be able to find me in the board game area at this, I'm sure.

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    Cool. I'll hunt you down for a brofist.

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    I am now officially a Comicon volunteer and I'll be running Eldritch Horror a few times over the course of the weekend. It's not up on the website yet but it'll be on the schedule. So I should be pretty easy to find if anyone ends up going.

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    Okay, I'm now on the schedule to run Eldritch Horror once Friday evening, twice Saturday and once Sunday. So if anyone other than Nakamura is going, it should be pretty easy to find me and hang out. Also, Eldritch is a lot of fun so if you haven't played it yet, it's a good opportunity to learn.

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    Fuck you and your polo shirts, Dexter345. You're dead to me.

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