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    The time is nigh, people. Hope you got some practice in, because this is for all the marbles. And by "marbles", I mean fame. You get all of it. Isn't that nice?

    Also this:

    Seriously though, I'm not 100% on how all this is'll shake out, so it's more a less an experiment on whether doing this through Chess.com is feasible, and whether people favor double elimination starting out, as opposed to single elimination. I doubt I need to explain why some would prefer double.

    So, for RULES - Due to the nature of time zones, people are going to find it difficult to match up against one another for a solid session. As such, I'd advise messaging your opponents your play schedules, and attempt to synch up in order to get the most moves in.

    TIME LIMITS: The time limit per move must be set to 24hrs (1 Day/turn). The time limit per match will be 3 Days (timed by myself). If the in-game timer runs out on your turn, it will count towards your elimination losses. If the match has not ended by the end of Day 3, both players will be knocked out of the tournament, no matter whose turn it is.

    MATCH START/FINISH: You must update this thread when your match has officially begun, and with the results of your match, so that I may time your matches and update the bracket/scoreboard. Failure to do so in a timely fashion will result in elimination.

    That's about as far ahead as I can think at the moment. I'll edit this post accordingly with input/suggestions.

    Official Tournament Bracket Here

    Match-ups have been randomized, but in the interest of helping games go a little smoother, I'll pair up people who are on the same side of the planet, for the first round. But in order to do that, I'm gonna need a solid head count. Sound off if you're in.

    Nihil (Eliminated by Gatsby)
    Obstratis (Eliminated by Gatsby)
    CornFlake (Eliminated by VagrantHige)
    AboveUp (Dropped Out)
    Smurfee (Timed Out)
    McMahan (Eliminated by VagrantHige)
    Phil (Eliminated by Gatsby)
    Pk (Dropped Out)
    Gatsby (Timed Out)
    Opium (Eliminated by Phil)
    VagrantHige (Eliminated by Gatsby)
    Lion (Eliminated by McMahan)

    Last edited by Nihil; 01-29-2014 at 01:05 PM.

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    I'm in. BRING IT, HANSEN.

    Last edited by Obstratis; 12-03-2013 at 03:16 PM.

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    I'm in. Here's hoping I don't have to take PK from the beginning.

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    I'm in. I've mainly been using ChessTime, but I have Chess.com app downloaded for use as well.

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    So, I guess this is postponed till everyone's ready to check in here?

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    Gatsby, do you just want to start a new match and have it count for the tournement? I won't be able to start until like Thursday or Friday, but at that time I can commit a solid chunk to playing.

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    Checking in. Lemme at 'em boss, lemme at 'em.

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    Is the tourney on Chess.com? I'm down.

    Also, anyone that hasn't added me should.

    Also, if anyone has a match come up, you could always request a draw and start a new one for the tourney, idk.

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    ready to roll

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    VagrantHige's Avatar
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    Sure thing. Ready whenever.

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    Okay then! I've rearranged match-ups so that ROUND ONE matches A, B, D, and E, can start immediately, and hopefully the others in the bracket will check in later. If not, they'll be dropped before the next round starts.

    Again, be sure to set your matches to 1 day/turn, and say here when they have started so I can begin timing them.

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    If you're searching for someone and can't find their name,

    just use the url: http://www.chess.com/members/view/[username]

    As far as concurrent games, if you're already in one with your tournament opponent, you should either draw or if it's a really good game, postpone it til later.

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    My match against Hansen in B Bracket has just started.

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    Just to double check are we doing tourney games exclusively through Chess.com's app?

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    If you're going against someone else who has chess time, feel free to use that, but I won't have a way to track/watch those games like I can on chess.com.

    Me Vs nmcmahan is go.
    Last edited by Nihil; 12-03-2013 at 11:15 PM.

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    Cornflake, I challenged you on Chess time. I might be a little slow with turns until Thursday / Friday, but I'll make sure to check it when I can.

    Oh yeah..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nihil View Post
    If you're going against someone else who has chess time, feel free to use that, but I won't have a way to track/watch those games like I can on chess.com.
    I'll opt to face Vagrant through Chess Time then. I'll take a screen shot of my glorious victory if it's necessary but I mean, who is going to lie about a chess match?

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    What makes chess time better? Is the interface easier to navigate or something? Just curious because I don't have a phone that does that shit yet.

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    I've just always used it. I play some IRL friends on it, and generally it's just cool how it sends you notifications on your phone when somebody has a made a move or has challenged you to a game. Since I play so many games it's kinda my go to app when I'm bored because instead of just pretending to text I can whip my phone out and make a move.

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