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Thread: PAX East 2014

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    PAX East 2014

    Who's going? I'll be there on Saturday.

    Also, ticket prices increased from $35 to $40 if I remember last year's pricing correctly. Kinda bullshit, but it's still fun to go!

    Google Group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!fo...-pax-east-2014

    Tell us if you're going! http://www.destructoid.com/are-you-g...--271850.phtml
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    I won't be going to the event but I will definitely meet up with people. if anyone needs a couch to crash on, I live in Medford which is about 15 minutes north of Boston.

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    I will be going. The PAX website kept giving me an error on checkout for my three day pass so I has to settle for three one day passes. It getting harder every year to get tickets.

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    I hope the wind isn't as strong this year, it was so cold taking the D-toid photo.

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    In 3 years there I think there was only two days that were actually nice.

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    It's late this year, should be better.

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    I was thinking of cosplaying as Jacket from Hotline Miami. I think it would be kind of fun, and I would only really have to get a pig or chicken mask along with a sports jacket. I could take the mask off when it gets too hot inside.

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    I still want to do Louis in blackface but every year everyone tells me what a bad idea that would be.

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    Yeah, probably. Haha, would be funny to see though.

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    I was able to get Friday and Saturday passes so I'll be there again this year. Bummed out the whole ticket and hotel process were so fubared this year so I couldn't get the hotel I liked from last year, but so it goes! Should be tons of fun anyway.

    And yeah, April should be a bit better....hopefully.

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    That's too bad. One cool thing about living in maine is that I can take a train into Boston, and catch it waaay later that day to get home. Parking is a nightmare in Boston.

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    I haven't even looked at hotels yet. I'm just planning to budget a fair bit for cabs. Shuttles aren't bad either.

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    PK, I guess I never noticed you were in Maine, too. I usually take the downeaster in, and I've thought about just commuting to and from Portland every day and staying in a hotel there, since there's actually a pretty nice one next to the Amtrak station. But then I get tired and decide to just spring to stay in Boston.

    And definitely agreed on parking in Boston. I won't drive there if at all avoidable. When I was a freshman in college I was cajoled by a teacher into driving myself to Boston for some convention when a doctor's appointment prevented me from going down with the class. That place was terrifying as a kid from Maine who'd never driven any further south than Portland before. Rotary highway exits?!

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    Lol. Yeah, everyone there is so aggressive too. Are you from northern Maine?

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    Central, though most of my family is from Northern Maine. Which is....an interesting place sometimes. I wish they'd bring Amtrak up at least as far as Bangor or Bar Harbor, but I think I'll be waiting a while on that one.

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    Potato country. And yeah, I don't think it would be worth it for them considering they have the bus system pretty well established. I've taken the bus a few times when I went to school in Orono. I will also be taking the train in! We gotta get dat brofist badge.

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    Indeed, my grandpa was even a potato farmer! And the bus isn't too bad. I did NYC to Bangor once on the bus and that was fine, though I flat out refuse to take Greyhound any more after what is now known as the 2006 Otakon Debacle, in which they overbooked my friend and mine's bus out of Baltimore by one hundred people. Concord's on the level, though.

    Down for the brofist. I usually stay in Portland the Thursday before and haul myself down to that 5:30 am train or whatever it is out.

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    Unless I'm doing video work again, I don't know if I will be there, however I want to meet up with people and drink alcohol with you.

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    I have no fucking clue how I'm going to afford this, but I'm going.

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