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Thread: PS FNF: October 25th

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    PS FNF: October 25th

    Welcome to the weekly Friday Night Fights planning thread. FNF is a Destructoid community event where members get together online each Friday to play games. This is where we make up the schedule. The final list will appear on the the PS FNF community blog on Friday. There is no approval process for players or hosts and everyone is welcome. If you want in, just follow the instructions below.

    Quote Originally Posted by Trev, Czar of the Friday Night Fights
    To play:
    • Keep yourself up to date on the schedule. The list here can change several times throughout the week.

    • Leave a message here with your PSN name and which games from the schedule you want to play. More people will play if other people are playing, so speak up.

    • Send a PSN friend request to the person hosting the game which includes a message with your Dtoid name. If you leave out who you are on the site, they might think you're just a random friend request and ignore you.

    To host:
    • If you want your game listed on the schedule, we need the game, the time, and your PSN ID. We need the specific title, not an abbreviation that applies to more than one; a start time, even if you're playing "all night"; and we need your PSN ID even if you think we know it already. If you don't include these things, your game may not be listed. It is also helpful if you note lobby names, DLC requirements, or passwords as well.

    • Make sure you have at least an hour to play. That's only two or three matches of the average shooter and those go by pretty quick.

    • Check the comments, both here and on the blog when it goes up on Friday, to see if someone has said they'll play. You might have missed their PSN message or your friend list might be full.
    I will like you slightly more if you host games. It's true.

    All times Eastern.


    Game: Soul Sacrifice
    Time: Soul Sacriseventhirty
    Host: Soul Sacritrev
    PSN: So-El Zilchrifice
    Actually it's "ElZilcho" and I'm just stupid.

    Game: The Last of Us
    Time: 9pm
    Host: Kimiko
    PSN: KimikoLoco

    Game: Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition
    Time: 10pm
    Host: Epic
    PSN: UncannySilk

    Game: Dragon's Crown
    Time: 10pm
    Host: Thyme
    PSN: thymeparadox

    Game: Grand Theft Auto Online
    Time: 11pm
    Host: Trev
    PSN: ElZilcho
    Maybe we'll get ANOTHER hundred armored trucks...
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    Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition
    10:00 PM EST

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    Some Last Of Us, perhaps?

    Game: Last of Us
    Time: 9pm
    PSN: KimikoLoco

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    We got the Dragon's Crown patch today, theoretically I should be on the same version as everyone else here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thymeparadox View Post
    We got the Dragon's Crown patch today, theoretically I should be on the same version as everyone else here.
    Yeah? So what are you going to do about that?

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    Play by myself and accept that I'm a lonely shell of a man? Or I could host at 22:00. PSN: thymeparadox.

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    SWEET!!! Someone else is on Dragon's Crown tonight. Thymeparadox, are you doing a talisman run, or Labyrinth of Chaos?

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    Haven't yet got all the talismans which I believe needs to be done first.

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    Invite only for that GTA V session?

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    Is anyone available right now for GTA V? I'm good to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingSigy View Post
    Is anyone available right now for GTA V? I'm good to go.
    I will be in a bit. Just no Free Aim.


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