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Thread: Umm... hello?

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    Umm... hello?

    So I don't really do introductory threads, but you know, it's Saturday so... this will be nice and awkward. Ready?

    Hello I am garjian, and I play on video games, and I like Soulcalibur a lot, and I play RPGs and other fighting games, and sometimes FPSs, and I recently started making music, and I am joining because I've gone off the forums I used to frequent, and I have a picture of a cat.

    You have to picture me about 7 years old, clutching a previously screwed up bit of paper (with that script scribbled on it) so hard that my arms are shaking, staring at it intensely so I can't see anything else.
    Christ I need a job.


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    I saw your avatar and thought that Arkane9 from the front page had finally decided to join us down here.

    Oh well....I guess we can still be friends....

    Welcome to the basement!

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    Hey man.

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    Why hello there. RPGs and fighting games eh? You are speaking my language.

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    Hello, what sort of music you making?

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