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Thread: New C-blog series: Musicians Wanted??

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    New C-blog series: Musicians Wanted??


    I've been thinking about maybe starting up a bi-weekly C-blog series that allows the musical members of Dtoid a place to showcase their talent. It wouldn't be about showboating skills or anything, but rather, it would be a place for anyone interested in music (primarily, game music) to sharpen their skills in a weekly or bi-weakly challenge. Plus, a little "competition" might be the push that some of us need to actually get excited about making music. Think Artists Wanted, but for musicians.

    For example: Every other week there would be a theme or event that you would have to make music for. You can use any medium you want to create a small piece that you feel conveys the idea in a musical way, but it would have to be an original piece you made up within the time allowed. No using past work. Concepts can stem from vague feelings such as excitement. (Think getting a new item or upgrade), OR a really specific concept like a cowboy western shoot-out. Perhaps a poll could be implemented to allow members to vote for their favorite pieces, and winners could receive a badge or something?

    During my time as an undergraduate, a friend and I would have smaller scale battles where we would both be given a random theme, and have 20min to make a shitty piece that we thought captured the concept. It was amazing how we both came up with wildly different interpretations of the same idea, and I thought it would be cool to bring this to Dtoid. I'll probably post a C-blog announcement relatively soon to see if anyone is interested.

    What do you guys think?

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    I actually proposed a Musicians Wanted regular feature in a staff email a few weeks back. My suggestion was to ask people to do covers/remixes of a song from a particular game or series every month or so. I never got any feedback about it from the rest of the staff. I like the idea of original compositions.

    Biweekly might be too often imo, since people might need a bit more time. Maybe once a month? People who can do music are basically wizards to me though, so I'm not a terribly good judge of what would be a decent time frame for submissions.

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    Next logical step from AW, really. I'd hop on this if I still had and played around with FLS.

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    Nihil I have a cracked version of FLS9 if you'd be interested, I could probably find a way to send to you.

    And Mxy, I just threw the bi-weekly thing out there just to get an idea. Like I said in my op too, I would want people to feel welcome doing it, so The pieces don't have to be the most polished things in the world. I'm more interested in getting other's different interpretations of the same idea.

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    If I could reliably play an instrument that wasn't my voice, I'd be all over this. Maybe I could get my people on it - my brother-in-law has a pretty killer studio in his house, maybe he'd be down do screw around with it along with me.

    Either way, I'd be interested in seeing it, even if I couldn't end up contributing. I love hearing what people come up with.

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    I think it's a good idea but I don't want there to be another thing on Dtoid that Turbo can be better than me at.

    So I'm sorry but I'm going to have to vote...

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    Oh you.

    Hey guys, I just threw up a C-Blog laying out the tentative plan for the series. A lot of it is the same as in the OP, but I would still appreciate it if you guys gave it a gander and spread the word to those who might be interested. Thanks!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pk fire View Post
    Nihil I have a cracked version of FLS9 if you'd be interested, I could probably find a way to send to you.
    I am quite interested.

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    This sounds really interesting, even though I'm not good at anything besides my voice, as Legend said.
    I'm totally behind this. Who knows, maybe one of my friends with actual talent will help out.

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    Everyday Legend's Avatar
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    I smell a chance for vocal duet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Everyday Legend View Post
    I smell a chance for vocal duet.
    It would be my honor.
    Also, vocal duets smell narsty wait no that's just me

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    Yay! This will definitely be a thing guys.

    Look in the C-blogs Monday for the first challenge.

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    If I had any musical ability, I'd definitely participate.

  14. 10-07-2013, 02:30 PM

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    I woulda missed this if it weren't for PK pm-ing me. I'm all for this, like old politicians and the immediate removal of any and all minorities.

    Sorry Panza.

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    I worked on my piece for an hour or two last night! Halfway through the session, I realized my song was in 3/4 time. I kind of just starting fucking around on my guitar so it wasn't until I was putting the track into famitracker that I realized things weren't lining up too well, haha. Oh well!

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    Uhhh... next Friday or Saturday, so that it'll give me a day or two to wrap things up in a recap blog. I should have put that in the C-blog. WHOOPS.'

    I'll pm everyone soon though so they know too. Thanks!

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    When I first started writing music, I didn't know about time signatures. I wrote a lot of weird songs, and when I learned about time signatures, I tried experimenting with ideas.

    Battle the Beast is a good example of an early song I wrote before I knew about time signatures. I take a guess at what I think the time signature is in the annotations, but I honestly don't know.

    Forest of Dreams is another example of writing music in odd, shifting time signatures. I think it starts as 6/4, and switches to 5/4 briefly, before going back to 6/4. Again, I'm just taking a guess.

    Countdown is a song I wrote when I had a better understanding of time signatures. I tried to write a song that would go 8/4, 7/4, 6/4, and end on 5/4. Not really sure if I succeeded, but it sounds pretty neat.

    Anyway, before I learned about time signatures, I recorded the music in 4/4 measures, but "counted out" to the odd signatures in my head. Many of my compositions would eventually match up to what would be 4/4 (4 measures of 3/4 amounted to 3 measures of 4/4, if that makes any sense). I eventually learned how to change sections of the track to the proper time signature.

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    Cool tunes Alpha. I really like how your layer your instruments well, and have pronounced melodies. The only Time sigs. I work in are 3/4 and 4/4 usually, the others are too difficult for a novice like me.

    What program do you use for your tunes?

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