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Thread: Let's Play Werewolf: Act 2!

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    Let's Play Werewolf: Act 2!

    Welcome to the Werewolf thread.

    If you're new to the game you might be a little confused as to why this is 'Act 2', well the first Werewolf thread got so big we had to move to a new one; though future games will take place here if you'd like a little history lesson in forums Werewolf click the link below.

    Let's play Werewolf on the forums!

    This is where most games of Werewolf will be played on the forums. Below you'll find an outline of the game ahead; although this isn't the exact set of rules each subsequent game will use it is the pattern that most standard games of Werewolf will follow.

    If you're new to Werewolf and find the following wall of text a little daunting don't worry most games of Werewolf are pretty easy to get into and if you find yourself confused or not quite sure what to do after having read the rules other players will be happy to help, as will whoever's running the game.

    Game Rules:

    This is pretty standard for those who've played before but for those who don't know:

    Werewolf is generally a game of two opposing teams – the Human (or Villager) team and the Werewolf team; each team has broadly the same goal (to eliminate the other team) but play the game in very different ways. Since roles are allotted secretly its the job of the human players to look for patterns or clues in the behaviour of their fellow players that hint that they're more than what they say they are; whilst the werewolves attempt to appear as inconspicuous as possible as to avoid being lynched.

    A certain number of players will be assigned special roles before the game begins. Some will be assigned to the Werewolf team others will be assigned special roles on the Human team – some of these, like the Seer, are positive roles that can help root out the Werewolves among the group, whilst others, like the fool, are negative roles that adversely affect the human team should they be targeted. Some, like the vigilante, are more neutral roles, helping or hindering the human team dependent on the player it's assigned to.

    The game is divided into Day and Night phases.

    During the day phase players can discuss amongst themselves the events of the past night (if there was one) and vote to lynch an individual if they believe them to be a Werewolf or abstain if they're not sure.

    During the night phase individuals with roles PM their action for the night. Discussion in the thread should be kept to a minimum, though humorous sleeping comments and gifs are always welcome.

    Note: Day phase moves into night phase once all votes have been cast. Night phase moves into day phase once all night role PMs have been received.

    Lynching is how most werewolves are killed, either you're pointed in the direction of an individual by the seer (after they've revealed themselves) or they've created enough suspicious among the other members of the group for individuals to want to lynch them. In order for a person to be lynched players have to vote for them, if the number of players that votes to lynch an individual is equal to or greater than the abstentions then that individual is lynched. If it is tied between two or more players then no lynching will occur in the day phase.

    To vote to lynch a player you simply write 'lynch' (or some variation of it) and then the player's name. If you're not sure who you think should die you can abstain, in which case you simply write 'abstain'. In both cases for your vote to count it must be in bold. Your vote should look a little like...

    Lynch Panza



    And can be buried in any amount of text, aslong as you've made your vote clear and followed the above rule.

    Generally speaking once the final vote has been cast for the day that's it, you can't change your vote after that but you can still discuss how the game's going/theories/etc till the game is moved into night phase. For the purposes of this game though I will allow a certain amount of vote changing after the final vote's been cast – aslong as we're talking mere minutes between the final vote being cast and your change of mind.

    The human team will have won the game if all the Werewolves are killed.

    The werewolf team will have won if they reach parity of numbers with the human players, at which point the remaining human players will be massacred (in the game.)

    Note: Though it's up to the discretion of individual games masters generally speaking in any one game there will be a 1-4/1-5 ratio for Werewolves to Humans. Ten players is usually pretty standard for a game, and as such expect two werewolves for a game of that size, extrapolate upwards from there.

    General Game Etiquette:

    Do not quote from any PMs you are sent by the person running the game.

    Do not PM each other to discuss the events of the game unless it's part of your role and you've included the person running the game in the PM as a CC.

    I'm surprised this needs to be said but no personal attacks, no real-life threats. It's just a game afterall.

    No removing your vote or attempting to stall the game.

    Once the final vote is cast that's usually it for the day, you can however keep talking amongst yourselves right up until the game is moved into the night phase.

    Once you are dead you are not to give the living players any help, you are not to hint or prod their discussion in any way. You can make the odd amusing ghostly comment or post a gif of some sort in the thread if you like though.

    Once dead you are also free to talk to your fellow ghosts in the Graveyard thread but be sure not to post or say anything that anybody still alive may interpret as a hint or clue.

    If you have any game-related problems or issues feel free to PM the person running the game and they should be able to help you!

    Game 33 is complete
    ! Creatures won! Game 34 started here. (Humans Vs Fallen)

    Game 34 is complete! Humans won! Game 35 started here. (Students Vs Sleepwalkers)
    Game 35 is complete! Humans won! Game 36 started here. (Players Vs Wolves)
    Game 36 is complete! I won! Game 37 started here. (Humans Vs Wolves)
    Game 37 is complete! Wolves won! Game 38 started here. (Civilians Vs Psychos)
    Game 38 is complete! Psychos won! Game 39 started here. (Lannisters Vs Faceless Men)
    Game 39 is complete! Lannisters won! Game 40 started here. (Wolves Vs Humans)
    Game 40 is complete! Wolves won! Game 41 started here. (Fortunates/Humans Vs Unfortunates)
    Game 41 is complete! Fortunates won! Game 42 started here. (Peasants Vs Aristocrats)
    Game 42 is complete! Lovers won! Game 43 Started here. Experimental game (Testers Vs the Hex)
    Game 43 is complete! Err... no one won. Game 43a started here.(Autobots Vs Decepticons)
    Game 43a is complete! Autobots won! Game 44 started here. (Cast members vs the Olsen Twins)
    Game 44 is complete! Humans won! Game 45 started here. One night Werewolf! (Villagers Vs Wolves)
    Game 45 is complete! Villagers won! Game 46 started here. One night Werewolf! (Villagers Vs Wolves)
    Game 46 is complete! Villagers won! Game 47 started here. One night Werewolf! (Villagers Vs Wolves)
    Game 47 is complete! Wolves won! Game 48 started here. One night Werewolf! (Villagers Vs Wolves)
    Game 48 is complete! Villagers won! Game 49 started here. (Tweakers Vs Heisenberg)
    Game 49 is complete! Heisenberg won! Game 50 started here. (Waitstaff Vs Wolves)
    Game 50 is complete! Waitstaff won! Game 51 ...will start soon!

    Hosting Queue:

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    What destiny awaits us when we make that last final leap into the great beyond?

    Do we make it as explorers? As soldiers? As scientists? Or as colonists, hoping to create a new world to replace the one we've lost?

    Will the vastness of space offer us a new home or simply a cold grave into which we step unawares...?

    A single gigantic ship courses through the blackness of space, it's crew lost in a deep sleep, as they and the ship around them are watched over and maintained by a plethora of automated systems. Of the many generation ships to be launched the New Dawn is the only one to make it this far out, desperate to find a new home, new worlds to explore, the crew lie in a semi-conscious state of hypersleep as their bodies are preserved, able to watch over the ship's systems and the hundreds of sleeper pods below - or just maintain a 24/7 porn stream, as the ship in-turn watches over them.

    A motley assortment of scientists and engineers from various fields, veteran navigators and ship's crew, angry drunken louts and elegant ladies - who may just be guys dressed up; they're just the sort of people humanity needs to start anew, and this ship holds everything they need to do so: 74 Decks, 300 square miles of internal biosphere space, isolated eco worlds - adapted for almost every environment on Earth, and each filled with countless species. Almost every thing is preserved – insects, birds, mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles, even the once majestic barns of mother Earth have been preserved within the Deck 7 Recreational District. Every comfort has been provided for the crew, from recreation, to pleasure, to shops and bars.

    It should be a paradise.

    Something is wrong though, the ship passes through a dense pocket of debris, and the sensors lock onto a signal in the ether. The crew are dropped out of hypersleep and investigate the small planetoid that the signal originates from.

    It's a barren lifeless rock, but within the depths of an alien ship, half-submerged in a swamp they find the source of the signal, an object that calls to them. The crew members that return bring back a small egg-like pod, and place it in quarantine on one of the Science Decks. Little do they know what the thing they brought back really is...


    Creature (Werewolf): Several players in this game have been consumed by the artefact and turned into creatures. During the night phase, they secretly communicate with each other via PM (including me in the PM conversation) on the topic of who they would like to kill. Once they've decided amongst themselves who they want to kill they simply bold their decision and aslong as everybody's agreed that will be their victim for the night.

    Geneticist (Seer): The only person on-board able to use the advanced medical equipment that the ship has to check on a genetic level whether somebody is human or not. Once a night, PMs me with the name of a player whose team they would like to know. Is on the human team.

    Doctor (Bodyguard): The only person on-board with the skill and expertise to be able to revive an individual when they've been attacked by the creatures. Once a night is able to pick a player they'd like to protect, in the event of the individual being attacked their life will be saved. Is on the human team.

    Navigator (Vigilante): Though a highly-skilled member of the crew they weren't hired for their scientific expertise or winner demeanour and are a little rougher around the edges. They carry a gun that confers upon them the ability to kill a single individual at any point during any of the night phases once. Is on the human team.

    Coward (Fool): Upon death (during the night phase), the Coward will pick the nearest available player to die alongside them. Is on the human team.

    Crewman (Villager): Though no doubt a highly skilled and very capable individual with years of experience in their particular field, and dozens of accolades from distinguished institutions the world over, they unfortunately have absolutely no special powers or abilities that will help them in this situation. Is on the human team.

    Acting Captain (Sheriff): During the game (and the Day phase) the players can decide to elect somebody to be the Acting Captain. The Acting Captain's only special ability is his vote carries more weight in a lynching than any single individual (counting as two votes).

    Special Rules:

    Faulty Genes – Several individuals within this game will be afflicted with a genetic condition that makes them relatively immune to coughs and colds.

    Vector – Atleast one individual within this game will be afflicted with a genetic condition that makes them especially prone to contracting infections, and possibly spreading them to others.

    Though roles are allotted secretly you can claim to be whatever role you like at any point in the game (unless your Role PM says otherwise); and the Creature team is generally encouraged to be as manipulative/deceptive as they like.

    Role PMs should be going out soon and once everybody's upto speed we'll start!
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    The Next Generation!

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    Coward looks really interesting :O

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    Oh wow, I didn't even know that was a thing.

    Everybody should have a role PM by now btw, PM me if you've got a problem/question.

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    ...oooo k.

    Philkensebben mysteriously died before the game started!

    Moving on everybody.

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    Wow, lots of cool roles. Should be an interesting game!!

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    R.I.P. Old thread. Also, I'm sad. No flashy face in title.

    And, yeah PM received.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panzadolphin56 View Post
    ...oooo k.

    Philkensebben mysteriously died before the game started!

    Moving on everybody.

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    I know, right?

    Space is so dangerous.

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    R.I.P. Old thread. 2 years of games and people come and gone. Someone should archive the fuck out of that thread.

    Hold me tight Omar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panzadolphin56 View Post
    I know, right?

    Space is so dangerous.

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    R.I.P. in peace.

    But in other news first page post, bitches! Bow before our mighty werewolf superiority.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr 3man View Post
    R.I.P. in peace.
    Rest in peace.... in peace?

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    It needs more peace because of all the death and cursing in it.

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    This is true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr 3man View Post
    It needs more peace because of all the death and cursing in it.
    Lol, fair enough.

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    Also, PMs are forever. Thankfully.

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