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Thread: Fresh meat indeed...

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    Fresh meat indeed...

    That has to be a marinated steak... it HAS to be, you don't get smiles from a slab of meat without going through the trouble! That or perhaps the least fresh piece of meat I've ever seen xD

    Hi all new to the forum and I hope to enjoy the stay

    A little about me I spose, I was sprung from the NES days when a kid can quickly become victimized by tunnel vision... what does this mean? Lots of TMNT (and thus almost every Nintendo game to be had featuring The Turtles), figuring out how to do that damned gymnastics crap in that frustrating Olympics NES game... to pining over the ridiculous $60+ price tag when browsing SNES titles...

    I quickly got sucked into the world of playstation back in the late nineties. Prior to that it was mainly DOOM, Nukem, and Shadow Warrior XD Btw is anyone else disappointed in the rebooted vision of Lo Wang???? WTH happened to my racist asian badass ninja perv? Now he's some sorta business suit pretty boy with a clean act...


    Today, I've since dabbled into music, enjoy listening to some of my favorites ost's of the past, even going so far as to make a cover song or two. More than that I enjoy audio engineering to the point of detriment, as I sometimes get carried away with it for days on end, and at times getting in the way of work >_< But it remains one of the few things I can dive headfirst into and completely empty my head of most everything else, something that games used to do for me. Nowadays though it's rare that I encounter a game that just totally engrosses me!
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    My brain just went dead for a minute and I thought you had the same intro topic title as I did. I am so dang tired.

    But welcome, nonetheless! I hope you enjoy your stay, hang around a while. And yes, that's Reggie grade meat. We make sure the cow is aware of the situation and its body is ready before we butcher it. Only the freshest for Destructoid newcomers, I suppose.

    Quote Originally Posted by Redoubt9000 View Post
    Today, I've since dabbled into music, enjoy listening to some of my favorites ost's of the past, even going so far as to make a cover song or two.
    Oh, really? What kind of music do you listen to, or have you covered, rather? I've been learning some songs myself from Shin Megami Tensei, lately, so it's interesting to find someone else who has done something similar in the past.

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    You've no doubt played TMNT Tournament fighters and TMNT 3 Radical Rescue then? Those were my favorite. (Turtles in Time and Arcade are close behind.)

    What kinda music do you dabble into? I am intrigued by this audio engineering business. Having taken some music science classes run by a mad genius professor, I've gained a new interest.

    Also what are some past and current favorites (of whatever)?

    Anyways welcome.

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    Tournament Fighters most certainly, a butt attack and OP bats is essential for child growth. I regret to say though that I can't find the darn cartridge anywhere for a couple of years now!!!! That and my killer instinct is missing... I swear I must have lent it to a friend or something because I loved that game... Radical rescue, no - I never did get a gameboy until the gameboy colors first hit stores xD and THAT wasn't until the pokemans starting terrorizing the US... But I have to say the nes titles kept me busy back then, that is until Zelda hit the SNES hahah

    Been playing the guitar for well over 10 years, although my technical skill doesn't really show it (I dread practice)
    Soon after that I got into song-writing in high school, back in college I'd spend most of my free time learning to mix music. Majority of a great song is in its presentation, and that really hit home to me. I still strive for that great mix! Most recently I did a cover on one of the Dragon's Crown themes, but in the past I've done various Doom & rpg themes. I've been giving thought to going to an old final fantasy tactics arrangement that I was working on years ago, but just never did finish.

    Also opened a thread, shameless promotion but here's another link to it again. Not like I get paid to do this shit - I just want people to hear it xD

    I guess I should mention I mostly do covers in the vein of metal, and spend most of my listening time with blind guardian and here recently, alestorm again. But I aspire to one day record a vocalist for a few pop/soft rock singles... Simple goal, but I've always wanted to produce one, but I'm no singer so that doesn't work out hah.

    I've never taken a formal class or internship, it's something I just do in my freetime. tbh I'd rather leave it to the professionals, though I do dream to one day have a real studio incorporated at home. I want it to be a place that if I'm to meet a musician with a vision during my travels, I want to be able to invite them someday and say "hey, remember that musical number you talked about a while back...?" and from there proceed to recording In the meantime getting a feel for the nuance involved in mixing is enough for me

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    what was that? xD one of the eccentricities of destructoid or...?

    hello >_>

    *Vagrant story & mod-overload skyrim for the moment, I've been meaning to replay Valkyrie Chronicles as I just never did finish it (regrettably, because it's one of the few gems of the generation imo...) I was in love with demon souls when it released, did a couple of new game+ , moved onto dark souls but failed to complete it as well. I seem to have the attention span of a gnat with most games nowadays.

    I may be one of the few, but upon the announcement I felt it was too soon for the roll-in of the next-gen consoles. I just didn't feel as content with the games on the previous generation as much as I did with those before it. I don't believe more powerful hardware will be the answer either. Maybe it's just me. Somehow I can't invest myself into today's games like I once did, I'm not sure if it's age lol

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    Your meat is meaty indeed.

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