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Thread: HUMP DAY HAVOC 7/31

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    Ya tot it was ova, blood clot.

    It. Ain't. Ova.


    What: Full House Poker/SF3/Monaco
    Where: 360
    When: 1pm PST
    Who: Nihil xInfernum
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    Damn, so early! I'll join ya for some more SF3 if you'll be around later at night.

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    I'm using 1pm as just a start point, usually home all day wed unless I get asked out or have to go buy amenities.

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    Gonna be jumping on our European TF2 server tonight, so come one come all for some random insanity.

    What: TF2
    Where: PC
    When: 8pm BST
    Who: Hasney: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Hasney

    Starting off on the stock map server, but we do have one that switches between purely Degroot Keep and a custom CTF map called Vikings, so we'll go where the consensus wants to play.
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