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Thread: HUMP DAY HAVOC JULY 24: 24/7 Edition

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    HUMP DAY HAVOC JULY 24: 24/7 Edition

    Yep. I'm still doin it. And in case you don't know why, it's because I work all weekend. And that sucks. If you work all weekend, and it sucks, you should get in on this. Truth.


    WUT: Monaco/Street Fighter 3
    WARE: 360
    WIN: 1pm PST
    BUTTS: Nihil xInfernum
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    I won't be around until later tonight, but I'll add you when I get home. I'll be up for some 3rd Strike tonight or any other time. My GT is ShinigamiBV.

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    I'll see if i can jump on 3S tonight

    EDIT: I'm dumb and dont look at times, 1pm pacific was an hour ago.

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