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Thread: Earth Peoplez

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    Earth Peoplez

    Ladies and Germs (I had a really weird teacher who used to say that to us as 3rd graders) My name's Kevin and I'm from Buffalo NY. I think my favorite games might have to be Half life 1 and 2. But that's not like an end-all-be-all statement. I've got a Wii and a 360 and I like them very much. They're differently animals but they both seem to do they're jobs pretty well.

    You could probably say I'm a "low-art" junkie meaning, I gorge myself on all different kinds of pop culture: movies, TV, music, etc. I love to eat kim chee except I always pay for it later.

    I'm a student studying Japanese and Computer Science. I guess that's about it.

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    Welcome to the forums. That avatar = very wide

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    Dued fix your avatar.

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    This is what we'll do to you if you don't shrink your avatar:

    and welcome, BTW.

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    Welcome to the forums. Don't suck

    Also keep your avatar within reasonable limits. Stretching = not cool.

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    thanks for the heads up; I'll fix it

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    welcome broseph..dont be a chooch

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    hows that?

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    Hooray for amending your avatar, your reward that "Dr" elbartoqwertuiop will not be administering any unwanted enemas.


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    Welcome to DToid. What kinda games do you play on the 360 and Wii?

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    you from NYC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soccerking3t
    you from NYC?
    unfortunately no, I'm from Buffalo. (..sighs)

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    im from syracuse, it pwns buffalo!

    but anyways,



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    I heard you guys got more pounded with snow then we did. But I kind of heard on the average you get more snow that us anyways. true?

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    Oh he had a messed up avatar? And i missed it! That makes me unhappy.

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