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Thread: AnamaNARPaguchi for Dtoid NY/NJ on Friday, August 16

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    AnamaNARPaguchi for Dtoid NY/NJ on Friday, August 16

    My friend brought up that Anamanaguchi is playing at Webster Hall on Friday, August 15. I plan on going and I'm sure that other Dtoid NY/NJ people plan on going too. Tickets are $15 right now. If you're interested in going, join the Google Group to keep up to date on info. I'll post plans in the forums as well when its closer to the date. Here's the relevant info:

    Where: Webster Hall, 125 East 11th Street, New York, NY, 10003

    When: Friday, August 16

    What time: 10 PM doors open, probably dinner and drinks before the show

    How much: $15 (not including convenience charges and such)

    Other notes: 19+ to enter, may need to not dress like a slob (but I'll call and figure out whether that's being enforced because it's Anamanaguchi for Chrissake)

    Google group:!forum/dtoid-new-york

    Hope to see you there!

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    And I typoed. It's actually Friday, August 16th. Mod person, could you change the title with the right date? Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks
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    Bumping this up because the show is next weekend. Would love to see some of you there!

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