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Thread: Cherry NARP

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    Cherry NARP

    So I've never been able to attend an actual official NARP, so I may as well give it a go, pop the cherry and host one myself. What better time than during Eurogamer, especially as a few Dtoiders (not all UK folk...EXOTIC) will be around and some at my gaff anyway.

    So this is an open invitation to anyone, their mums and whomever would like to come - play (games that is), drink, eat, sleep and repeat on the weekend of 27th and 28th of September.

    Plan is (all optional):
    2)Eurogamer and gamer the euros.
    3)Big ol' 3 course feast at mine, alongside some gaming themed drinks and desserts, by my own hands (god help you) and some shot provisions courtesy of mates at Loading Café in Soho.
    4)Sticktwiddlers after-party.
    5) Whatever else.

    Sticktwiddlers has a new venue and a whole bunch of exciting hush hush stuff lined up for this years afterparty, so that'll be a lot of fun. Last years was really good, but venue was a bit small when everyone came along.

    We'll have some consoles set up ect, bring whatever you'd like to play if you can indeed be arsed with games

    For those coming to mine for a hooley, there'll be drinking games such as Surgeon Simulator ShotFace (my roomate can't wait for this one) and there is space for whoever needs to crash. Bring a sleeping bag if you can (though depends on confirmed numbers as we have a shit ton of bedding and sleeping zones), but when numbers are clearer be easier to give a heads up.

    Details will be PM'd to whoever fancies it

    So that's that

    Cherry Whore Brigade(defs and maybes)
    Tarvu and a handsome friend of his
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    Break that 7pm train rule

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    Unless I'm washing my hair that weekend.

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    Wash it in rum!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlowBear View Post
    Wash it in rum!
    Then set fire to it. At least I wouldn't be the only one with orange hair then.

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    I'll cancel the hair washings and do the ocean crossing thing instead.

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    I don't know but I certainly would love to. I couldn't care less about Eurogamer this year. I have more important things going on in September. I want to meet everyone though.

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    Eurogamer is optional. Continguency plans are there. I've press passes for Fri and Say but prob only go one day unless BRB wants me there both. The after party though should be MANDATORY as it's also great way to meet other folk.

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    I wish I were British enough to attend. I shall brush up on my cockney rhyming slang until then.

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    All versions of UK or Irish accents are applicable

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    I'll definitely be going to Eurogamer for at least one day, anything beyond that depends on how much I want to see, looking at the website it appears that nothing has been confirmed yet though. I got a pass for all four days when they were selling them cheap anyway, so even though I don't really know anyone here, I'd be down to meet.

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    Odd number of views for this thread...

    I'll update the OP post with people coming so we have a list.

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    How is the view count odd?

    Not sure of my plans for Eurogamer yet, have a Sunday pass and so will only go on the Sunday. Will plan the rest when/if my cohort gets a pass.

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    Myself and a friend have Friday and Saturday passes. Trying to see if can get another for someone else.

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    Just whoring out the press passes eh? Taking them away from the real press. You heathen.

    He got his already, maybe they cross referenced it with my request or something. Will suggest StickTwiddlers party to him though it'll probably depend on our accommodation situation, and as such where we can stash gear.

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    Well bring him along to the NARP and crash at mine.

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    Could enter into your plan at point 3) if that's all right with you then. Would likely leave early on Sunday to make the most of the day.

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