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Thread: Company of Heroes 2 - Steam

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    Company of Heroes 2 - Steam

    I got it. Deluxe (DCE) and regular variety. I want Deadpool ($40 on Steam). I WANT DEADPOOL. Deluxe is worth $100 Reg is $60. Will trade straight across DCE for Deadpool. For the regular, $20 Steam Wallet.
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    Ever tried the official STEAM Trading Forums? I bet you will get the deal you want there.

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    Dude, I have this posted everywhere. Not even one hit.

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    Thats what I'm saying. Thought it would be gone in minutes. Not fresh to the trading scene at all.

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    Those ads have made people sick of the game :P

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    Thats actually true in my case. Didn't keep a single code for myself. But I doubt everyone had to deal with Dtoids shitastic ones.

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    I know literally nothing about trading games on Steam but chanced across this while looking up a pic just now, figured I'd pass it along in case it might help.

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    Thanks dude. Might as well dive into reddit, since Im getting no hits.

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    Oh, I would HIT you.

    ... I just don't care of CoH much. Otherwise I would trade it right away.

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    Yo. I got a Steam key for the ROTT remake. Looking for offers.

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