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Thread: MAGFest 12!

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    MAGFest 12!

    MAGFest tickets are on sale today, as well as hotel reservations, go go go!

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    Damn son, just woke up to the announcement in my email. You beat me to it.

    Anyone heard of that headliner?

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    Shit. I want to register for a booth, but considering I'm just starting to switch engines for my game (gamemaker to unity) I'm scared I won't have something viable in time. God dammit. Decisions.

    Edit: I'd have top submit assets and the demo from the old engine. Not comfortable doing that. FUCK. I thought Magfest was later in the year.

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    I don't think that band is necessarily headlining. They were just the first band confirmed at closing ceremony last year.

    And Phil, just do it.

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    You guys want to register a booth / all pool in? Just be the destructoid booth of exceptionally good looking.

    Own space to play Dark Souls PC on the floor and shit. Could be fun

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    Man, if I could guarantee I was going I would absolutely put in on a booth.


    Also, they must be expecting a huge crowd if they think the Gaylord is going to sell out.

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    Bloodspray needs to come, because if he doesn't I'll have less fun and it'll be all his fault.

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    I'm tempted Changston. I really am. I feel I would be a bit of a fraud though. Presenting a game and demo, that is actually scrapped. I don't know. I gave myself 48hrs to think about it and asked a couple other devs what they thought. We shall see.

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    You should go regardless. It's seriously the best convention all year.

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    I'd love to just go man. But that's money out of my pocket I don't really have. To promote my game? Fuck yes. For shits and gigs? I wish I could. Times got hard, then just kept getting harder. Fucking downward spiral.

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    I hear that man. Jobless myself right now which is why I haven't already ordered passes to this bitch. Plus I don't live within a days drive anymore.

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    I'm not jobless, but our hours have been cut so bad I may as well be. So many apps I've filled out lately and not a single call back. Savings is dwindling, mortgage, bills, 2 kids, no help..... Just a whole bunch of fuck man. Whole bunch of fuck. But hey, VIDEOGAMES!

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    Yikes man, hope it gets better for you. Off topic, is LTP on any feeds yet or still mediafire?

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    Taking steps, we are at least here now:

    I need to do the feed stuff (although I think you can subscribe now.... not sure/haven't tested) and am going to once I finish ep. 11, I'm just a damn busy man. Things will get better on the other front though, I won't stop until they do. Just how I am.

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    Hell yeah you can subscribe! If you're manually entering it, it's:

    I use podkicker, and sometimes it just will not find podcasts I know are there so I usually don't even bother trying anymore and put it in directly. Anyway, you got yourself a new(again) listener.

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    Fuck yes! Thanks for being my test subject brother. Fucking A. One less thing to do

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    No problem. Anyway, everyone else can have the MAGFest thread back. Here is a picture from a few years back:

    Good goddamn, I always forget how fucking fabulous Changston is.

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    goddamnit Bloodspray now I have to lose weight to fit into my old suit


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    You're not alone man, I done let this skinny guy gut get out of hand.

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    Got a pass, did not book a hotel yet.

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