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Thread: What's your paranormal experience?

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    What's your paranormal experience?

    So I've been getting home late from work for the past few months and, for whatever reason, the only thing I seem to watch is shows about hauntings and UFOs. So that got me thinking about an experience I had has a kid.
    When I was visiting my grandparents in Canyon Lake, TX, which is right outside New Braunfuls and kind of out in the middle of nowhere, I would sleep on the floor in their bedroom from time to time, depending how many people from my family were there. So one night I was sleeping on the floor, looking out the sliding glass door into the courtyard and I saw this figure come to the window. The figure had a red outline and red eyes and the body was just as black as night. The only thing visible was the outline of the body and it's eyes. The figure waved back and forth and I was terrified. It never said anything but I couldn't help stop staring at it, like I was paralyzed out of fear. Once I could, I ran out of the room screaming and, of course, when my parents walked me back in there the figure was gone.
    So I was probably 6 or so when this occurred, but it has stuck in my mind since then. No idea what it was or maybe if I was in a dream state and imagined it, but it still makes the hair on my arms stand up remembering it. I've looked around online some recently and found other people have had similar viewings, no one really knowing what it was. So that leads to me my question: What is your paranormal story? I'm curious about real stories but if you've got a good made up one, may as well share it.

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    Nothing to share here...actually wait, I got one. A couple of local cops have mentioned to me that arrests go up during the full moon. Always have wondered about that. I mean, they could have been pulling my leg but I kinda doubt it.

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    As far as that goes, speaking from experience, our arrests don't go up. There's always that dread of oh no, its a full moon night, but I wouldnt say its busier or crazier than any other night in the town I work.

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    I've got a couple of things that spring to mind, one from when I was a kid and one from just a few years ago. The one from when I was a kid could've just been my childhood mind imagining things that weren't there, but here it is anyways: Playing in my backyard back in Virginia, I was on our swingset and I looked to the house and say a stranger's face in the dining room window looking at me. It wasn't disfigured, but it's features also weren't "normal". It wasn't anybody in my family, and nobody else was in the house. It most likely was just my eyes playing tricks on me so while I've always remembered it, I never thought much of it.

    So the more recent thing, from a few years back, is something that I can't explain away with "maybe I didn't see it right". I'm at my parent's house. They're not home, but I'm hanging out with my brothers. We only had one dog at the time, so this is maybe four or five years ago now. Anyways the dog's food and water was kept down by the front door near the kitchen, in two dishes in an elevated metal frame that stood about a foot off the floor. This was right in front of the entryway that either leads down into the basement or up a handful of steps into the living room. It's all wide open and you can see right down there from the living room. So my brothers, the dog and myself are all together watching something on TV when there's a loud bang and I turned to look and saw kibble go flying from the right side of the entryway to the left towards the kitchen. The dog was with us and jumped up, startled, and then shrunk back like he was being scolded. I went down the steps from the living room to check it out and saw his dishes overturned and kibble and water everywhere. Nobody and nothing had been near the dishes, and all of the doors and windows were completely shut. The dishes had been on flat, level floor and the metal frame was still solid and sturdy. Couldn't and can't explain it.

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    One time, just before bed, I felt this heavy breathing down my neck. Oh, it was monsterous.

    I didn't want to turn around, but I knew I had to. You can't run away from fear, otherwise it'll break you. So I'm there, in the living room and it doesn't feel very lived in; more like a tomb. I keep turning, and each breath is like a furnace blast. It's takes too long, so I snap my neck like a viper taking down its prey.

    Turns out it was just my missus being annoyed with me because I hadn't put the rubbish out like I said I would, two-three hours ago.

    I'll never forget that night...

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    I once pooped and the poop came to life. I then flushed the poop. I think the poop died from an infection, which would happen if you were a poop.

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    You flushed Mr Hankey? Damn you!

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    I watch paranormal witness on Syfy.

    Good stuff. Except for the alien bullshit.

    Aliens don't exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevil View Post
    One time, just before bed, I felt this heavy breathing down my neck. Oh, it was monsterous.

    I didn't want to turn around, but I knew I had to. You can't run away from fear, otherwise it'll break you. So I'm there, in the living room and it doesn't feel very lived in; more like a tomb. I keep turning, and each breath is like a furnace blast. It's takes too long, so I snap my neck like a viper taking down its prey.

    Turns out it was just my missus being annoyed with me because I hadn't put the rubbish out like I said I would, two-three hours ago.

    I'll never forget that night...
    For a second there I thought it was something like I experienced. It's not much of a story, but I remember one time when I was younger I heard a breath. It was like an exhale, not a huge exhale, but it was definitely audible. I was in my room at night, but not late and I heard this. It sounded like someone was standing beside me and just sighed at what was going on on TV.

    Also, has anyone as a child ever feel afraid to leave one leg hanging off of your bed because something might get ya? I never did, but one time I was in my room just chilling and my leg was hanging off the side of the bed and I felt this tug at my leg. I don't remember exactly how forceful it was, but it was enough, and odd enough to give me a jolt. I also started feeling wary of leaving my leg hanging out.

    Both instances I sat there thinking, "It's's cool. But one more thing like that happens anytime soon and I'm out."

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    When I have to walk around buildings or areas at night, sometimes I get this really weird feeling that I'm being watched or someone is there. I guess its kinda like being afraid of a monster under the bed.

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    I did my apprenticeship under a Class B ghoul who haunted a downtown department store chain for over 25 years. When I finished my apprenticeship I quickly found a rewarding haunting position at a local pizza joint. Not the most auspicious, but my experience there proved invaluable and I really honed my craft over the next two years.

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    My mother is deathly afraid of Abraham Lincoln due to a dream she had in which he killed her in an opera house.

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    When I wash my face outside and I felt that someone is looking at me.

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    That's me. Sorry. I'll stop.

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    When I was about 4 years old watching Saturday Morning cartoons by myself in the living room, I saw this white human-shaped figure standing in the middle of the room. I couldn't help but stare at it. It was so abstract and strange to me. The figure slowly walked out of the room, around the corner into the hallway. I chased after it. When I got to the hallway, there was no trace of it. I searched the house for half an hour, but I never found the figure. It always stuck with me.

    It gets weirder.

    A few years later my mom was talking about when she was giving birth to me with some people who were visiting. I was about 8 or 9 years old at the time, and I'd never told my mom about the figure I'd seen. Considering the way she was talking, she probably thought I wasn't listening in on the conversation. Apparently while giving birth to me, she saw a white figure stand in the corner of the room, staring straight at her. The figure lingered for a while, until the moment I was born. Then it disappeared. She never saw it again.

    It gets weirder.

    I was staying at my grandmother's house for the night. My mom was going to a soccer match, and I personally didn't care much about soccer. My grandmother was having a long phone call with my aunt, talking about all sorts of things. Then my grandmother started talking about this one time, when I was just a baby and she came over to my room to look at me while I was sleeping to check up on me. There was a white figure standing in the room, looking at me. It turned around, looked at my grandmother, and then walked out of the room.

    My mother and grandmother never exchanged stories. They're not aware of the fact they had similar eerie sightings of a white figure. I never told either of them I saw a white figure. What bugs me most about these stories is that in each and every sighting, I was there. Although two of them I wasn't conscious of it.

    I don't believe in paranormal supernatural mojo or anything like it, and still there's this whole sequence of events that we all apparently witnessed.

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    I'm afraid that if a ghost gave me a hand job it would ghost crawl into my dick and make it hard to pee.

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    Ah! I've got a couple fun stories I like to tell in class to freak my students out.

    First one took place in my sister's old townhouse apartment. It was a 2-story apartment with both the master bedroom and spare bedroom upstairs. Whenever a friend or family would sleep in the extra bedroom, they would always say that they felt like someone was sitting at the end of the bed; like there was some pressure or weight pressing down on your legs.

    I heard something about this story but didn't know the details and one night I was going to sleep in that room. Just as I was dozing off to sleep, I felt some pressure on my legs just as though someone had sat down at the foot of the bed. It didn't freak me out too bad--I actually felt comforted by it, and I imagined that it was like a mother figure watching over her sick child. Very interesting feeling, all of which could have entirely been in my head.

    Moving on...
    The next story takes place on the mountainy road between La Vale & Frostburg, MD. My mom, sister, and I went to see a movie that didn't get out until about midnight. As we were driving through the deserted, black mountain roads back to Frostburg, we noticed something on the right side of the road. The closer we got, we could then see that it was an old man walking toward us wearing nothing but WHITE. That's not the weirdest thing though. He was wearing an old fashioned tuxedo with matching top hat--ALL IN WHITE. Maybe it would have been okay, if it were daylight. Maybe it would have been okay, if it were near any houses or near a residential area. Maybe it would have been okay, if there had been anyone else on the road that night--BUT THERE WASN'T. No nearby houses, no other cars on the road, nothing. Just some little old man dressed in white walking down a deserted road in the middle of the woods at midnight. Perfectly normal, right? Sure.


    This part I don't remember well, but I think we looked back to see what we saw was true...and he was gone. Very.Quite.Freaky!!

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    I've got a few, from when I was younger. There were quite a few with my eyes fooling me and whatnot, but at least one I swear was real.
    I was a young lad, all tuckered out from a day of doing youngster things like playing baseball and causing a ruckus in the neighborhood, and it's time for me to go to bed. I went to sleep like normal, and everything was fine and dandy. I had a dream involving a cursed pair of jeans, then I accidentally woke myself up from it by speaking, you know how that happens. It was the middle of the night or very early morning, and I decided to look around my room a bit, see what's up. Everything seemed lovely and in place, until my eyes strayed to the space of blank wall right next to my door. There was a figure there, an old man, but completely white except for a pair of sunglasses, as if he was blind. He looked rumpled and ruffled, like he had just gotten out of bed and was dressed somewhat like someone you might see in a hospital. And he stood there. And stared at me. This went on for what seemed like an eternity, the old blind man staring at me, and me petrified in bed. Eventually, he just disappeared, I don't remember how.

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