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Thread: The Monaco thread - Dirty criminals welcome

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    The Monaco thread - Dirty criminals welcome

    Awesome game, lots of fun.

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    Gorilla Gravy's Avatar
    3,059 posts since Sep 2012

    I may probably pick this up soonish when I got the money to waste. Looks really fun.

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    It is. We should play after you buy it.

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    I've had the beta for awhile, and I've got the full version now. Haven't played since the beta though.

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    I might grab this next payday, if anyone's down for some co-op on steam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dexter345 View Post
    I've had the beta for awhile, and I've got the full version now. Haven't played since the beta though.
    Same here. Even hosted a FNF for Steam, but no one showed and I just played Dino Horde all night instead. FUCK YOU DINOSAURS!

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    Just add TheChainsawPanda if you haven't already and we'll rob some shit.

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    lizzardpt's Avatar
    1,886 posts since Feb 2012

    I just tried it last night, it was really fun.

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    JackShadow's Avatar
    2,732 posts since Oct 2009

    YAY it's finally out! I'll have to grab it sometime this week.

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    The game looks fricking awesome. It's definitely one of those games that stand out. I have never seen any other game that makes you feel like your actually operating in a heist. Well, there's Payday, but gameplay wise, Monaco is better.

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    Picked it up for the 360 and I'm really enjoying it. I'll be sneaking in a few levels in-between Metro: Last Light sessions. Good stuff.

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    Edd Strid's Avatar
    2,264 posts since Mar 2012

    Hadn't even noticed the 360 version had gone up, saw an advert for the trial on the dashboard but that was all that was available at the time.

    The same happened with Pid, which I'm only just realising is available because it's in the Deal of the Week section this week.

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    I'd totally be down to play on Steam sometime.

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    Add me Mxy: ID: hillbillysk8, Name is No mas Phil

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    Groovy! I'll add you when I get home, or you can add me: MrMxyzptlk123. I'm usually home around 11:30 eastern. Tonight is Venture Bros finale night, but let me know if you're free later on this week!

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    Venture Brothers and True Blood for me tonight. Sometime this week for sure.

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