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Thread: The Starbound Thread - This is not Terraria

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    The Starbound Thread - This is not Terraria

    It's a thing that's going into beta later this year. A few friends and I are supporting it. Looks cool.

    Stay up to date, nerds:
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    What can you tell me about it? That single image evokes thoughts of Scribblenauts and space marines.

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    Victor you're so newb! The community manager for the project is Mollygos so it must be cool.

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    Shit, really? Didn't know that.

    @ZP: It's a game about exploration. It's procedurally generated, there are many races to choose from and it looks pretty neat. These links can give you a better explanation:

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    It probably will have quite a few things in common with Terraria. I'm quite interested in it though.

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    It will. A lot. It looks like it's Terraria turned up to eleven.

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    I already pre-ordered my copy. I cannot wait for it to come out. It is my #1 most anticipated game of 2013.

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    Yo dawgs. I heard this game was Terraria. But in space.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dexter345 View Post
    I already pre-ordered my copy. I cannot wait for it to come out. It is my #1 most anticipated game of 2013.
    Seconded! I just hope it lives up to my expectations. They seem pretty well-versed in the programming side, and the artists are pretty awesome.

    That said, I can't wait to spend 300 hours on this game.

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    Since I preordered this, I got the soundtrack. I unzipped it at home into my music folder and my Google Music auto-uploaded it. Listening to it now. It's good, but not spectacular just yet. I may need to play the game to associate certain songs with certain areas/feelings.

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    All right, finished the standard soundtrack and now I'm listening to the "experimental" stuff that came with it, and this music is much more interesting. I'm jammin'.

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    The pre-orders for this game have broken $1.1 million. No new stretch goal has been posted. I wonder if they're done with stretch goals or if they just need to think of another one.

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    Yeah, if I had still been in Leicester I was going to try to go along to that.

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    Well, they said there'd be a Beta this year. Zarquon said he'd be back. All's well that ends well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mighty Hatman View Post

    Featuring Mollygos!
    and some of the most awkward neckbeards you'll ever see.

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    If you weren't aware, the very first 'tier' of the beta is supposed the drop today at 10PST.

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    Man, this looks amazing! I want a mod pack that combines this with FTL. In fact, I think I might just pick up this game and alt-tab between the two and pretend!

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    I want to get this game so bad, but was kind of burnt out on the last early access game I bought. (Mercenary Kings)

    I've been reading over the bugs issues and other stuff in the community hub on steam, and man, it still looks like a ton of fun despite the infancy of the public version. Anyone else want to get it and try out multiplayer?
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