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Thread: Hello Everyone!

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    dtoidlove Hello Everyone!

    My name is Shane I'm from Texas . I'm really happy to be here with you great destructoid folks. I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you . I joined up after finding the podtoids on iTunes . I love them . I think I've listened to everyone there. Anyway I like almost all game types I'm not real into sports games though . Anything else goes No Rules! My Xbox live name is shane0case and on psplus I'm shanecase . On wiiu it's Skoozi nickname is Shane . Feel free to add me . Thanks bye.

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    Sorry I didn't write some of my favorite games. Top of all time are , Super Mario World, Rad Racer , Duck Tales, Twisted Metal , Mario Kart series , Animal Crossing , Odin Sphere, Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy IX , Metroid series both 2d and the prime games. Sly Cooper.
    Current gen I've played too many greats to list but I'm currently playing Ni No Kuni , Syndicate , Dead Island , Lego City Undercover , Guacamelee , and black ops 2 I play on Xbox live .

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    Hey Shane, welcome!

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    Welcome to the nuthouse!

    I recently bought Guacamelee! myself, and absolutely love it. The clever sight gags, the writing, the art style, the music... everything is amazing.

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    Thanks for the welcome! Guacamelee has a lot going for it . All those things you said and I'd like to add I think the different shields on enemies is pretty clever and keeps the combat challenging by requiring a bit of strategy by the order in which I try to take out different enemy types .

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    You guys, you're all so adorable!

    Welcome new dude.

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    Thanks !

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    I think that photo is adorable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pradani View Post
    welcome to the new world of dtoid, we have games and 1313 it's a secret to everybody so shhhhhh.
    BRB, playing Battlefront 3

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    1313 Star Wars? Jimmel please burn me a copy . I'm playing borderlands 2 right now though:/

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    Just cancelled my subscription to giantbomb . I saw not half the value I see here at dtoid

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    Oh and I'm a diesel mechanic.

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    That was an awful long wait to hear the end of that stream of consciousness...

    Welcome all the same!

    Syndicate is good

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    Odin Sphere! I think I'll me a nice stew with Onionne, Carrotteer, Cubsbane, Turny and Habaneristo tonight. Or I'll just add water to this sad cup of Oolongmen Ramen Soup.

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    Welcome to the basement!

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    I've heard everythings bigger there. Put 'em on the glass boy. Oh and Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

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