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Thread: Defiance

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    Octopus Prima's Avatar
    663 posts since Apr 2006

    dtoidevil Defiance

    I'm just going to leave this here: SZUZSY

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    King Süshi's Avatar
    4,805 posts since Jul 2009

    looks like a password/code

    - - - Updated - - -

    looks like a password/code

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    Yeah I figured, but for what system? Or does the game have in-game passcodes and all that?

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    Answers for those who seek them.

    God dammit, these guys stole my idea of developing a TV show and game in the same fictional universe.

    Also, go make an intro thread noob.

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    Wait... technically isn't his intro thread the whole site?

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    I never said it couldn't be improved.

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    Only 506 posts. I doubt the validity of "site owner" claim.

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    He even got an N7 badge. Didn't see him do shit. I CALL BIAS!

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    Shit, there's a Podtoid badge!?

    That isn't even fair.

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    Octopus Prima's Avatar
    663 posts since Apr 2006
    Our forums are like an RPG for me. If I let them suck me in I'll never get anything done

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    Especially with those +8 hotpants of ownership.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niero View Post
    Our forums are like an RPG for me. If I let them suck me in I'll never get anything done

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    Used has dem dsls too. Mother fucker can suck a pinto through a garden hose.

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    In other news. I'm really liking the Beta.

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    Gorilla Gravy's Avatar
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    I thought it was pretty meh. Then again, I'm not used to MMO games.

    The dude I made looked pretty badass though.

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    Premiere will be soon. What do you think about beta? I'm thinking about buying it, but I'm not sure yet if it's worth.

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