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Thread: Weekend Warriors: March 23rd & 24th

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    Weekend Warriors: March 23rd & 24th

    For the more society-productive Dtoider.

    Weekend Warriors is like Friday Night Fights for the people who do other stuff on Fridays! All weekend, any time, all welcome. EuroToiders, too; what with the more open times.

    Hosts? We just need the game you'll be hosting, your Gamertag/PSNID/NNID/Steam ID, what day and what time. Simple!
    The schedule so far:

    Any hosts?
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    Gamertag: Perfidious Sinn
    Day: Saturday
    Game: Far Cry 3/Dead Rising 2
    Time: 2pm EST

    I'll be honest here. I need some co-op Achievements. So if you got Far Cry 3 or Dead Rising 2 and want to co-op, I'm doing that.

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    Game: Nation Red & EDF: IA - Both Steam
    Day: Sat night
    Time: Hit me up, I'm PST
    Host: PhilKenSebben
    Steamer: hillbillysk8

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