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Thread: Monster Hunters Wanted

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    Monster Hunters Wanted

    MonHan is finally getting the praise it deserves, so it should also get a thread. Feel free to discuss.

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    PappaDukes's Avatar
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    I had no idea that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was out on the Wii U already!

    I may have to pick this up. Anyone here play it yet?

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    I'll play it on my friend's 3DS. No online sucks.

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    TheRemedy's Avatar
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    I have it, but this is my first monster hunter and I have no idea what I'm doing. So I've only put a couple hours into it.

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    Los has been handing me my ass in a platter. Not cool.

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    i find these games boring as hell & very tedious. I tried, I really tried.

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    Is there anybody out there interested into an all-noob-monster-hunt? GMT?

    I would be delighted

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    I would if I could, but I only play on my friend's 3DS.

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    i think cross-play is possible '

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    Isn't online only available for the WiiU?

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    as far as i am informed they patched the game in order to allow online cross play between 3DS and WiiU...but I might be mistaken.

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    I'll check and let you know the next time I can play if you want to.

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    i would feel honored and privileged.
    can't wait to punish that ugly bird for torturing me in solo-mode

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    So it is possible, but I don't have a WiiU. My friend does, but I don't think going to his place to do this would be very nice. I'm very sorry. Hope you beat that peco soon. You probably just need to learn his tells and get used to the pacing of the game.

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    Oh, i'm sure he would be delighted.

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