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Thread: I play a few games (mostly of the Fighting variety)

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    I play a few games (mostly of the Fighting variety)

    Hey guys, I guess I'll do a quick meet and greet thread before I start digging around ^_^. My handle you'll see me go by most of the time is Anne IFrank, and I play LOADS of games. If it's a video game and I can get my hands on it, I'll probably end up playing it. I play quite a few things, but one of the things I focus on is competitive multiplayer games, mostly Fighting Games.

    I really want to hang around the forums and talk about all sorts of games, but I also want to talk about fighting games and other competitive games. I do travel and play offline in tournaments and all sorts of things (mostly in the South East U.S.), and I am pretty heavily embedded in the Fighting Game Community. I say this to show my experience with the games and where my persepctive comes from, not to be an elitist asshat. Actually, I hope to be the opposite of that ^^. I'd really like to talk to people about the games who are interested in them, and help them get along if they want to improve or check out more of what my favorite genre can offer and others I enjoy.

    So, yeah, I just want to talk about some games :3 I'm super friendly and can talk about anything. I tend to dig pretty deep into design elements and for the more emotional and player driven aspects of playing games though, so sorry if things get long winded >.<

    P.S. You might have seen me hanging around the comments and Outer Heaven and other related chats at some point. If so, hi! I'm on these forums now.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Cool avatar, Aigis da bess. Have you played Persona games other than P4U?

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    Welcome to the forums.

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    Welcome to the dark underworld.

    What are your favorite games?

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    Oh, I've played through P2(the PSP version who's subtitle I can't remember) P3 FES and P3P, and P4 and P4G. I REALLY am into Persona, have the P4 animation and a couple toys even lol.

    As far as favorites go, there's quite a few I like >.< I've been playing games since I was 4 (I'm 20 now) so I've gone through hundreds of games, I even study design in school these days. Favorites design wise end up being stuff like Braid, Team Ico stuff, That Game company stuff, a bunch of indie stuff. Favorites just for playing over the years are like Gears of War series, Rhythm games (DJMax owns my soul right now), Elder Scrolls 3+4, MGS series, Street Fighter series, a ton of JRPGS (SMT), idk. I kinda just play everything and enjoy tons of stuff.

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    Nice. What part of design? Graphic or game design? I might be missing some other forms of design which you could probably get a degree for but who cares...

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    I've totally read your IDiary. Well parts of it anyways. The juicy parts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anne IFrank View Post
    Street Fighter series
    Alright, son. Who do you main?

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    Kinda waiting on the answer to that question myself.

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