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Thread: Rezzed: Birmingham

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    Remember Glowbear, you got on the plane with your daughter, and then at some point she was replaced with a giant red barrel.

    No matter what the other passengers say, she existed.


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    I had to post so I could see another image from Phil.

    Looks like the interest that piqued during Rezzed for a few PC gsmes has coincided with the death of the graphics card. Hoping it's just an issue with the displayport output but I doubt it.

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    I had to post again so I could tell Phil he's a total boner.

    Phil, you're a total boner.

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    I disagree. Phil's is the winner.

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    If you weren't taking it up the choco-shunt from him then I might consider your opinion valid, but as it is, you're a little biased.

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    One you posted is just a picture of an old woman being rightfully pissed off, with an image of a hand lazily mirrored and made to waggle.

    Phil's is actual old women (or at least people who appear as old women) actually flipping something off.

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    I apologise for my face, noise and terrible mic skills. Tarvu doth berated me verily for it. I was nervous. Was about to write up and publish this myself at BRB but someone else did. Still got a game impression to do.

    Anyway one of the interviews I did with Threaks dev Lauren de Grier at Rezzed.

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    That's good GB, looks professional!

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    Your face and such I do not berate, but I cannot say you're a great client. But then I did fuck up the sound on it kind of. My attention was split.

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    I am not use to phallic fluffy things in mah face!

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    Still not the point!

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    a fluffy wuffy point ?

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