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Thread: Rezzed: Birmingham

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    Edd Strid's Avatar
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    Hoping nutritious and delicious too.

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    Rezzed 2013: Avian Cunnilingus

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    It is decided.

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    Looks like a fun event and it’ll be nice to put a few faces to names; I’ll try to make it up for at least one day. If anyone lives around Peterborough and needs a lift to the event, shoot me a PM.

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    I'd probably just go for one day to this. Not sure if I can afford to though. I'll hopefully have a job soon and if I do I hope to go to this.

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    The tickets are retarded expensive. And even more so for Eurogamer. What the hell is happening with ticket prices for these things? It's probably stupid kids, I wish there were less of them.

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    Edd Strid's Avatar
    2,264 posts since Mar 2012

    Gig prices keep jumping year on year, no idea exactly what's causing it, could be multiple things as big companies sponsor arenas and convention centres, injecting cash and wanting more out for the investment, these kinds of events getting more popular and I'm sure it was highlighted a few years back about a tax being raised for these kinds of leisure events, or at least it was used as an excuse for the extortionate raising of gig/event prices.

    Oh and while I'm at it, don't forget the lovely handling, booking and administration fees tacked on too.

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    These guys should be giving me tickets because I'm me. Fuckers.

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    Damn straight. The coverage I will obviously provide with scathing tweets or something will be worth literal negative hundredths of pennies to them!

    Going to see if I can't get people from back home and Leicester to go, since it's roughly as easy to get to from each and there are people I don't entirely dislike in each.

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    I'll be going the Saturday now, got my press pass from Rezzed. Bit annoyed though that they just gave me one as I requested one for myself and my podcasting partner in crime Panza.
    Perhaps if you send them a press pass request you might get an individual one too dolphino.

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    "Please ensure each staff member wishing to attend fills out a separate form."

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    Ah didn't read.

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    Typical press.

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    Typical birds eye view

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    Edd Strid's Avatar
    2,264 posts since Mar 2012

    Not a typical bird brain.

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    I'm scolding Panza to get his damn act together.

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    With a kettle?

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    I'm having the strangest sense of deja vu reading this thread.

    How odd.

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    Oh cos last time we were at Rezzed you carried a kettle around with you?

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