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Thread: Weekend Warriors: March 9th & 10th

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    Weekend Warriors: March 9th & 10th

    For the more society-productive Dtoider.

    Weekend Warriors is like Friday Night Fights for the people who do other stuff on Fridays! All weekend, any time, all welcome. EuroToiders, too; what with the more open times.

    Hosts? We just need the game you'll be hosting, your Gamertag/PSNID/NNID/Steam ID, what day and what time. Simple!
    The schedule so far:

    Awaiting hosts

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    Ckarasu's Avatar
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    I'll host:


    Host: Ckarasu
    Game: Skullgirls(PS3)
    Time: 7PM Eastern/4PM Pacific
    PSN: Ckarasu

    Host: Ckarasu
    Game: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3(PS3)
    Time: 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific
    PSN: Ckarasu

    Only will host N:UNS3 if people want to join, otherwise I will just continue hosting Skullgirls for however long it ends up going.


    Not sure. Depends on how Saturday turns out.
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    Might play games at EU evening times today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarvu View Post
    Might play games at EU evening times today.
    PC or sasquatch?

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    Might play some ME3 on trez-shixty with Sven. Not sure what PC games I could have my arm twisted into playing. Probably too many.

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    I'm up for some Black Ops 2 Wii U at 19:00 Norway time (GMT +1 I think). Host CaimDark.

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    Game: XCOM: EU
    Time: 10pm PST/1am EST
    Host: Phil
    Steam: hillbillysk8
    Days: Sat & Sun

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    smurfee_mcgee's Avatar
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    Nice. I got distracted by the adblock stuff. Blogging now.

    Also, CaimDark, and I apologize for being American, but I'm going to post that as-is until I figure out what that is EST.

    Also, is this for Saturday, and is that your NNID?

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    If that's GMT+1 and EST is GMT-5, then that time passed over three hours ago.

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    Oh dicks...

    -edit- Well, the blog is live anyway

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