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Thread: Old School videogame way of simulating 3D

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    Old School videogame way of simulating 3D

    Personally I love the old school ways of making a 2D game look like it is in 3D. Think Doom, the SNES Mario Kart, Road Rash, and Pole Position.

    Games that used 2D sprites and made them take place in a 3D world. The 3D world may be 2D as well.

    Does anyone know what these techniques are called? Like how Doom had enemy sprites for front, behind, side, and 3/4 views and still positioned them in 3D space.

    In some ways I like the looks of these more than using 3D models.

    I have heard of the term billboarding before, but I always thought that was static 2D sprites such as trees, not ones that moves such as in Mario Kart or Doom.

    Thanks! Also what are some of your favorite games that use this technique? Mine are the ones mentioned above.

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    Isn't it called 2.5D? Not sure if that's the proper name though.

    Are we talking just the way FPSs did it or isometric games aswell? I really like a lot of the old Bullfrog games, X-COM, Doom and Duke Nukem 3D. Also, Xenonauts.

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    I love the stylings of DOOM and Bungie's Marathon games. I do, however, hate Duke Nukem 3D's approach to it, looking up and down in that game is revolting.

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    Yeah, you get the same problem with the newer Doom source ports. It's more to do with how the 2.5D works than the game though.

    ...assuming you're referring to the thing I think you're referring to.

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    Yeah I am referring to the games that use 2D sprites instead of 3D models in a FPS or a racing game.

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    Yeah it's called 2.5D, but not that other 2.5D.

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    I like the way the Doom source ports do it, sort of combining the whole sprite thing with more modern features. I'd love to see a modern shooter try it.

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