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Thread: HIIIIII everybody!

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    HIIIIII everybody!

    Long time destructoid reader, commentator on the website from time to time. Thought I might post from time to time on the forum.

    I play Xbox and PS3, but use and XBL for online gaming (the usual suspects for multiplayer.)

    A fighting game fan, and would go back in time to tell younger self to stop bothering with other games and just really get good Street Fighter 2, because those skills will be important. I know you don't live near anyone in rural Idaho who knows how to play, just shut up and do it. These skills will be important! MVC3 and SF whatever are what I play.

    I live in Scottsdale, AZ, and would be down for these community meet and greets and such.

    so that's me, hope i did alright. nice to meet everyone.

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    Welcome! One of my best friends lived in Scottsdale during the 90s. There's quite a few fighting game junkies on here, so you have your pick of future opponents.

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    I hate fighting games, but only because I am terrible at them.

    Welcome to the forums!

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