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Thread: Theres a Nintendo fanboy in my heart,and a PC gamer in my brain.

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    Theres a Nintendo fanboy in my heart,and a PC gamer in my brain.

    Sadly living with an antigamer gf makes gaming difficulty.
    I knew about Destructoid for a while ago but I never payed too much attention until I fell in love with Ian Sterling.
    UK based but not british

    I mostly play my 3DS specially now that it actually has good games.
    I have a Wii U I regret purchasing a little bit. I should have saved a bit more and get a laptop to play my steam games. I sold my desktop PC to prove my gf and myself that I no longer wanted to play videogames since I met her. Oh boy...

    3DS: 4639 -9635 - 5853

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    Pow! Right in the kisser!
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    Girlfriend's gotta go.


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    Wait, why is anti-gaming?

    Was she born in the Victorian era or something?

    (also, welcome.)

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    Ian Sterling died eight years ago.

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    Eh, if anyone tried to change a large portion of my life, like attempting to get me to stop playing videogames completely, I wouldn't really want to be around them much, or I would at least tell them that they had been the prime contributing factor to most of my current interests. But hey, that's just me.

    Welcome to Dtoid.

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